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Friday, September 20, 2013

Tonight’s Dinner

Tonight at dinnertime, Gaven said to me:

Gaven:“You stay here. Daddy and I are going to the park. You can’t go. Daddy is my best friend”.

Me: “Daddy and I are best friend. You stay here. You cannot go. You didn’t finish your food. I finished mine”

Gaven: No! Daddy and I are best friend.

This kid! I am always the bad cop at the house. I always remind him to finish his food. If he doesn’t finish his food, he can’t go to the store or the park or etc. I threaten him that we will leave him behind if he doesn’t finish his food. He heard it so many times and now, he is starting to talk back.

Sometimes he say the funniest thing. How can you stay mad at this little guy? :P


Denise said...

suddenly remembered that you have a blog, but i've forgotten the name. So i googled Adeline Chong Mallard gaven blogspot sixteen, and here i am!

Gaven is growing up so fast!:) Oh, do check in your whatsapp from time to time will ya, ling and i are the only ones chatting...hahaha..

Adeline said...

Sigh... I have no more whatsapp... at least for the time being until my new phone arrives. I am using a temporary old iphone 3G that is so crappy and slow. I don't have fb nor whatsapp on my phone. New phone arriving end of Oct... can't wait to get my hands on all my apps!