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Thursday, October 29, 2009

This years halloween costume...

isn't he cute?!

We got his costume a couple months ago from a garage sale. 3 bucks... what a steal. Gotta love garage sales. I refused to be olive oyl. I dressed up as a lady bug this year. :D I don't have a nice picture of me to post. The picture John took of me make me look fat. Ok, so maybe I am fat, whatever.

A new possible expansion in Santa Clarita

image borrowed here

I was super uber excited when I found out about it this morning. Let's hope that the project gets approved by the LA city!

We need that. We really need that.

The second best news I've heard this week. The first one being John shaved his goatie off! lol... he is like a totally different person. Like married to a whole different person. Sorry, no picture because he hates it :-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A dishwasher luck!

I had forgotten to mention that we won a dishwasher! Yes, you heard it right. A freaking dishwasher! We won it at a so-called private sale of appliances store 2 weeks ago. I entered John's name into a sweepstake and he won!!! Correction.....
WE won! What are the chances? We entered millions of sweepstakes... never... never once we win something like this.

Nope, it is not a stainless steel one. We asked if we could upgrade it to a specific model that we liked and the answer was of course no. Since when can you choose your own prize? Well.. beggars cannot be choosers. We took it home with us anyhow. Since we decided not to keep it, Jimmy offered to trade his service for the dishwasher. John jumped at the offer right away. I guess he knows he will be needing Jimmy's help a lot after we buy the house. It's a win win situation.... or should I say... John win, Jimmy... not so much? ;P

waiting to be loaded on the truck...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I miss my girls.

Yesterday we went to Eng Jo's house warming party in downtown LA. She moved to a brand new apartment in Little Tokyo. That place is very nice! Brand new construction. Her unit comes with stainless steel appliances, wood flooring and spacious bathrooms! The apartment is very modern and contemporary looking. Sure is very different than many rental apartments I've seen. It is at the perfect location, right in the middle of little Tokyo, minutes away from everything. That also translates to bad traffic. I guess it's not their concern since it is walking distance for Chisho to go to work. What I love most about the location is... it is literally right across from my favorite ramen place, Orochon Ramen.

We barbequed, hang out and played a lot of catching up. It was good time. It reminded me that I haven't been hanging out with my friends as much. I miss it a lot. Everyone is so busy with their lives and we rarely get a chance to get together and meet. It was definitely nice to be able to meet and hang out like good ol' times. Oh how I miss it...

As we left, we joked about the next time we get to meet and hang out like this will probably be one year from now. We hope sooner than that but with everyones busy schedule... realistically, we don't even know when. Time sure flies...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I never know squirels eat flowers

I was surprised to walk into ....

this little squirrel munching away on our neighbors flowers! The nerve!

there! I got evidence! If our neighbor ever asks....
and then I saw another one.... if you look closely, you'll see two little thieves here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am an aunt again!

I meant to post this earlier. Let me present you with my cute nephew

Eugene Lai Ee Zhen.

Isn't he adorable? It definitely runs in the family. :)))) I have 3 nephews now.

I have Ethan Chong. Then I have Ewan Chong. Now I have Eugene Lai. Notice how similar their names are?! :P They should come up with something more unique next time... tsk tsk tsk.

Oh wait... actually I have 4 nephews and 1 niece. John just corrected me. Keep forgetting.... :P

laminate flooring from costco

We took a scenic drive up north. About 3 hours, 200 miles later:
we made it to Costco, Fresno.
And about 7 hours and 400 miles total later:
AND a truck with a full load of flooring...
we made it home safely.
oh and along with a tore muscle on the wrist.

The end.