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Sunday, June 24, 2007

planning a wedding

Haven't been blogging for awhile. Have been so busy with so many things lately. We have been busy picking out a date for our wedding and the perfect place to conduct our special day. So for the past few weeks, we were busy looking at magazines and websites for ideas. We initially wanted to do our "real" wedding on May 25th, 2008 exactly one year from the day we officially got married. Then my sister has confirmed that her wedding day will be March 15, 2008. That means, we will have to fly back to attend her wedding in March. The dates are too close together. 1st we fly back and then a month later, they fly here to attend mine? So we decided to pushed it back to June. Budget is a problem too. Weddings are expensive here. Flying back to M'sia will cost us a bit of money. Flying my family here to attend mine, will cost us more money. So we will have to come up with alot alot of money for both occasions. So pushing it a few weeks back will give us a little room to save more money! lol.... I know... not that it will make much difference it just make me feel better to think that way! :p Then again we cannot push it too far back because the more we delay it, the more we won't want to do it. You know, when you wanted to do something right now, you just have to do it now. If you wait a little longer, the feeling of wanting to do it will vanish. This apply to me at least. So you see.... there were alot of complications in the whole wedding planning process.

We have a short guest list. So the next step is to find a place to do it. Finding a wedding venue is a headache. We didn't know finding a place will be that hard. We couldn't come to an agreement of where we want to do it at. Do we want a beach wedding? Or a garden weddings? Or a destination wedding? This is a very stressful process for the both of us. For the past few weeks, I think we have argued more than we had for the past one year. This is crazy. I will see something I like and he will shot down my ideas and if he likes something, I will shot down his idea. We just couldn't come to an agreement or something that we both like. This is not fun at all.

Thank god, one night before we went to bed we were flipping through a magazine, and saw this place that looks really nice. Doesn't look that expensive too. So I called the next day. We worked out the details, talked about pricing and schedule. John came and picked me up from work one day, drove there and we both fell in love with that place. They have 3 ceremony sites to choose from. The site that we wanted to do our ceremony is all booked up except for the 28th. So we paid a deposit to reserved the place. So now the date is confirmed to be June 28th, 2008. I am so excited and can't wait for the special day to arrived. Also, so glad that it will be the end of our argument about the whole wedding planning thing or should I say it is just the beginning????