When life gives you lemons ask for salt and tequila!

Monday, April 30, 2007

a night out

So yes, we went to The Highlands the same night. John was our designated driver of the night so we could all have fun and not him. ^^ The 4 of us car pooled and met up with Eng Jo and Jocelyn's friends at the Highlands. We initially planned to go to Vanguard (also another club at Hollywood) but then changed venue because Eng Jo has some friends that were going to the Highlands. So we decided to joined them instead. We don't really care where we are going because we believed, "It's not where you go, it's who you go with....." ;)

We arrived on time but there was already a long line getting in. We waited for awhile for Eng Jo to show up and decided we should just get a VIP table which allowed us to enter the club right away. Smart move. That means more drinking time for all of us. Yay! To our surprise, there was a fashion show that night... not just any ordinary fashion show, it was a Panty Fashion Show. Two thumbs up for that! :D

I think we ended the night with most of us drunk except for the drivers. We all drove back to our apt, had a little supper before we all passed out. Eng Jo spend the night at our place because the planned is to go Six Flags the next morning at 10am. Guess what? We didn't go at 10... umm... let's just say there were some technical difficulties??!!

the entrance

hot model

the crazy us

the really really crazy us...

huahahoawahaoha....... so Jocelyn, that just proved that you are not fat. Shane can pick you up!!

okay, I have no memory taking this picture or whatsoever!!


drink up!

finally..... what is a fun night out without him... :*)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

a random BBQ night at home

We were supposed to go to a Chinese restaurant in Monterey Park on Friday night for Peking Duck dinner. Jocelyn told us that it has the best Peking duck. Since I have not been to that restaurant, we agreed to go on Friday night. Well... then our plans changed when we decided to go to The Highlands on Hollywood the same night. So it would be a pain in the ass if we drive all the way down to MP for dinner, back to SC to get ready and drive all the way down to Hollywood again. I then decided we should just eat at the house and meet Eng Jo at Hollywood at 10:30. I haven't had John's killer ribs for a long time so I volunteered him to make dinner that night. As usual, the ribs turned out very good. BBQ ribs was the very first dinner he made me when we first started dating :) and each time he makes ribs for dinner it just reminds me of the 1st dinner he made me. ;)
the trick is to boil the ribs first

eee... he pulled out the full rack of ribs, then cut them into pieces and threw them into the boiling pot.
I think he boiled it for 45 minutes before he pulled them out to marinate them.
grilled corn and heehee... my jalapeno peppers. I love the grilled jalapeno peppers at the Sam's flaming grill, so I decided to grill one of my own. It of course didn't turn out quite the way I want it to be. I wonder what did I miss..

Anyway, here's a picture of all the food in process

my plate.... yummy, can you see my pathetic looking grilled jalapeno?

john and shane getting ready to eat, very reluctant to take a picture for my blog

finally, jocelyn get her hands into the ribs. she was stuck in traffic, and being the very "good" roomates we are, we decided to eat without waiting for her.

After dinner, we were all busy getting ready for the second part of the night.

carefully ironing his dress shirt

carefully applying her lipstick

me hogging jocelyn's bathroom

We were all pretty excited and off we go heading to Hollywood.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

we had a small party at our house!

Jocelyn finally officially moved in on 4/01/07. Ha-ha! I guess she had to finally sleep at our new place now that her lease at the old apt has ended on 3/31/07. She moved her bed to our new place in mid- march but refused to stay there until her lease at her old apt ended. So she would just camp out at her old place, with not much furniture left. I could understand why she did that. Now instead of a 5 min commute time to work, it's about 45 min each way commute time. Oh well, what is commute time when you can get the best roomies in the world? It's all worth it, ;) Right Jocelyn??

We decided to invite some friends over to check out our new apt. So we had some friends over for a BBQ.

yes, we had them over to cook.. hee hee

the almost gone green salad

they are guarding the bbg grill

jocelyn's famous wings

net's face so red =]

jocelyn putting her pretty pretty flowers in a vase- she was grinning from ear to ear all night

one of our chefs for the night

1st couple to arrive

the soon-to-be mama & papa

the very very soon-to-be mama & papa

cute couple !!

ha-ha, a gift to ... obviously jocelyn (who else ;P), from her best friend frm college, cute gift

last but not least, JAJ stands for Jocelyn+ Adeline + John

Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Special Day, 4/13/2007

Yes, our special day fell on Friday the 13th. How special is that?! ;) I had an easy day at work because our network system was down, so no one can really work. ;) Well, almost everyone cannot work. Of course, the MIS people were the busiest when none of us could use the computers. Since John is the "invisible" IT guy, he was involved in helping to get the system back up. So I had an easy day at work while he had a rough day at work. I came home excited waiting patiently for him to return home so we could go out and have a nice romantic dinner. We both agreed to go to Rio Rio Churrascaria Bar & Grill, a newly opened All You Can Eat Brazilian Restaurant located on the Old Road.

We got lucky because there was no wait. There was plenty of food served. This seems to be the most perfect place for the meat lovers like us. Lots of barbecued meats were brought to our table. There are also many Brazilian side dishes served. Although it's an All You Can Eat Restaurant, you don't need to get your own food except if you want something from the salad bar. Everything else is brought to our table. Our favorite side dish would be the fried banana. It was delish!! If you asked me, I would still prefer the Malaysia kind of fried banana. Crispy! Too bad, I can't find any fried bananas here that even came close to the fried banana I had in M'sia. Arggghh.. it just remind me of how much I miss the food in Malaysia.

fried bananas and carrots

Alright, back to Rio Rio. Besides the fried banana, the main dishes like filet mignon and garlic beef are some of the best meat we had that night. Aside from food, Rio Rio also provides live entertainment to their customers. A magician came to our table and showed us some tricks. He was amazingly good. He took my $20 bill and changed it into a $1 bill. I am glad he finally changed it back to my original $20 bill. I guess I should have asked him to turn it to a $100 bill. Heehee.. And then there was a parrot show & Brazilian dance. The parrots were trained to perform some tricks to entertain the customers. They were all pretty entertaining. We wish we would have known earlier that there was a live performance. We could have shown up later to enjoy the splendid performance. Oh well, now we know.

john getting ready to chomp down his food
the well-trained parrots

I like the restaurant overall even though I find that their menu is a little over priced. It is a nice restaurant to hang out with friends and have fun, but definitely not a romantic dinner for couple. It is so noisy in there you could barely hear each other. Anyway, I'm glad we came because it seems like the perfect place for us the meat lovers.

a blurry picture of us- courtesy of the server

so we took a picture of us our own

Since the night is still young, we decided to go somewhere for a drink before we ended the night. First choice was Origami Bistro Bar, an Asian fusion hot spot in town. Unfortunately it was packed (nothing unusual) which forced us to head to South Point Argentine Grill instead, where we hung out and had a couple of drinks. I have enjoyed the night and here are some pictures we took of the night.

john playing with the camera, the sepia me

the b/w me


my mojito and his margarita

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My trip to Plano, TX

I took 1 1/2 days off from work to visit Plano, TX last week. It was a nice trip overall. I tagged along with Janet & Jimmy just to see what's there in Plano. Janet was sent there by her husband with a mission: house hunting. My job is to accompany the poor little gal and gave her my wisest opinion. That poor gal will be so lost without my guidance. ^.^

Ok, so Janet and I flew from LAX on Thurs noon. It was a 3 hour flight, but because TX is 2 hours ahead of CA we didn't arrive at Dallas International Airport until 7pm. The next couple days were spent by touring around Frisco just to get an idea what the town has to offer since that is Net's most desirable area for her future house location. Since we are not familiar with the town, Net has arranged for a realtor to meet and take us around. We were very amazed at how scenic and beautiful the town is. It is totally different than what I pictured TX would be. The weather was so cold during our stay there. We didn't bring the necessary coat and jackets as we didn't expect it would be that cold. It finally snowed on Saturday!! Who would have thought that it would snow in April...... in TX!? Of course we were very excited as that was the last thing that we would expect to happen.

The town has all that you could ask for. Houses are huge like mansions. These houses which would normally cost $750K- $1 million in CA, cost around $300K- $500K here. It would be alot cheaper if it is located outside of Frisco. Frisco is more like for the higher level of society. I guess you could compare Frisco with Valencia and Plano with Canyon Country in Santa Clarita. The realtor drove us around Frisco and explained why we should buy houses here. And then he told us about this popular store, Sam Moon, that sell handbags and accessories. He said the store is so popular that people flew all the way from Oklahoma to shop at this place. He said women flocked this place and it is always packed. Since he highly recommended this place, we decided that we should at least take a look since we were there. We arrived at Sam Moon and noticed how packed the parking lot was. I was very excited as I was hoping to get some very good deals on handbags. As soon as Net parked the car, I walked as quickly as I could into the store. There were lots of lots of handbags lying around in huge baskets. We were very dissapointed as it was not as great as we thought it would be. Anyway, I was still able to get something after about 20 minutes looking around. It's an off-white large handbag, just what I have been looking for. I am not really that crazy about it but it's the best I could find for my budget. I needed a new handbag anyway because the one that I was using look really sad. Got it from NY about 4 years ago during my stay there. Have been using it since. It was the most useful one that I have among the rest. It's the only large handbag that I have and I got it at a very cheap price too. So at least we didn't waste our time and effort visiting the so-called must-see store.

We managed to take a few hours from our house hunting project to visit the factory outlet there. We both got some clothes and went back to the hotel happy. Aside from that we didn't do much sightseeing as the main objective was house hunting. It was somewhat a succesful trip because they found something they like.

I like Plano and could see myself moving there in the future. It is definitely something I would consider if I decided to move out from CA. I didn't get to take many pictures to share with you guys and most of the pictures I took are the food anyway. Net posted some pictures on her blog if you guys are interested on checking it out.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My very first own blog!!

Yesterday I decided that I want to start my own blog. I have always been a blog reader but never a blog writer. Mainly because I am not a good writer, but Janet started a blog recently and I realized that it would be so much fun. I am so tempted to have one of my own so I created this. Well, I guess we are both inspired by this gal's blog. She is just some random chick that we both don't even know. I'm not going to mention her name because it would be very embarrassing if she finds out. :p I prefer to remain the anonymous reader. It's funny how Net and I just alert each other when the chick has updated her blog. It's like the one thing that we look forward to read everyday. At least I know I am, not sure about Net. :-) It's pretty scary when you realized that you have nothing better to do than to read other people's lives, especially since it's somebody you don't even know. Anyway, it has become one of my favorite past time nowadays.
I am going to write the best I can. Since I am not a good writer, John has said that he would help me with my blog, of which I highly doubt he will do. Alright, I am not complaining. It's just that he is so busy with school, work and projects this semester, he hardly has time for his favorite TV show (24) anymore. I need to stress that I am not complaining about him because last night, when I told him that I wanted to start my own blog and was trying to think of a name for my blog, he actually suggested that "What I complained about John today" or "What John did wrong today"!! -_-