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Friday, December 23, 2011

11 Month Update

OK, here’s a customary 11 month update of my little boy.

1) He can stand without support for a long time. Not walking yet… he would stand, and then take a step forward and fall down. Big improvement! Not sure if he will start walking before he turns 1, but hey it’s a start!

IMG_0210 (3)

2) He puts everything in his mouth. He has been doing it ever since he was a baby baby, but I thought as he grow older, he would slowly start playing with his hands, instead of his mouth. But no, he still likes to put everything little thing in his mouth. I thought all babies do that, but then when my brother visited and mentioned that his kids didn’t really put stuff in their mouth when they were babies. So maybe this is just a Gaven thing Smile(These pictures are taken at Penny’s- the daycare he goes to)


3) Personality- I’ve mentioned before that Gaven is pretty independent. He is not a clingy baby (most of the time). He doesn’t really ask for help. For example, if he drops something, he would try and grab it himself, even if it challenges him a little. He would try with all his might to try to grab the thing he wants. He would not cry for our help to get it for him. If it’s out of his reach and he knew there is no way he could get it, he leaves it and crawls away. Even if we are standing close by, he would not cry for it. IMG_0014 (9)

4) He kisses, claps, gives high fives, waves bye, and blows kisses on command now. Although it’s a hit and miss, but he gets it most of the time.

IMG_0172 (5)

5) He likes to climb on everything that he can climb on. This makes me, the nervous mama, even more nervous.

 IMG_0032 (5)

6) Bloody experience. Yes, he has bled twice now at the same spot on his mouth. He seems to knock his mouth at the same spot each time. I think it hurts me more than it hurts him. He would scream and cry but was easily calmed down by us.

IMG_0019 (7)IMG_0028 (5)

7) He loves to feed himself. He eats more when he feeds himself, I think.

IMG_0002 (9)IMG_0007 (6)IMG_0009 (6)IMG_0012 (6)

Purse= Toy?

He somehow managed to find my brand new purse, a gift from my sister in law. He dragged the purse around with him before he found a spot for him to sit and chew on it.

IMG_0204 (3)IMG_0206 (3)IMG_0207 (3)IMG_0208 (3)

Mullet no more

We chopped off Gaven’s mullet… hmmm… sort of mullet. His hair was getting long at the back and it looked like he had a mullet. I didn't plan on cutting his hair till he is at least one years old. I love his hair... I can’t wait for him to grow more hair. He was born practically bald. I’ve been waiting for him to grow his hair for a while. He still has very little hair now but it has grown a lot longer. When my co worker saw a recent picture of him and commented that he has a mullet because of his long hair at the back. It then struck me that he does look like he has a mullet.

So we finally decided to just chop off the back of his hair. Unfortunately, it didn’t come out as good as we thought.. haha… what do you expect, we are not professionals. At least Gaven is too young to be mad at us. lol…. see for yourself. Sorry Gaven…. we promise, next time we’ll leave it to the professional. Smile

IMG_0156 (4)IMG_0160 (4)
IMG_0200 (3)

Gaven’s first hair cut at almost 11 month old.

Friday, December 2, 2011

11.11.11 Wedding

On 11.11.11, we had the privilege of attending one of my good friends wedding. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to. I attended their civil union of marriage last year (talked about before here) and a year and a half later, here they are saying their vows in front of family members and friends.

The ceremony was supposed to be held at the beach, unfortunately it drizzled a little that day. So the  ceremony was moved to a garden right outside the reception building. It was still a beautiful wedding nonetheless.

(My parents in law came over to babysit Gaven and it was our first night out without little munchkin. I was worried about him but soon was able to take my mind off him after a couple glasses of wine. haha.)


Their wedding video was amazing. Love it! The emcee, who happens to be my college friend Kevin, did an amazing job.


It was a fun night. Too fun, I must say. Embarrassed smileLiterally like less than 500 yards before we got home after a 46 mile drive, John had to stop so I can stick my head out the window to puke. The next morning, I continued to puke and had the worst hang over ever. Hmm… don’t remember when was the last time I was this bad.

The tree is up!

Our tree is up early this year. We put it up the day after thanksgiving. Gaven helped with the entire process. He was also the quality control guy.Nyah-Nyah

IMG_0112 (4)IMG_0116 (5)IMG_0113 (5)IMG_0114 (5)IMG_0111 (5)IMG_0110 (5)IMG_0019