When life gives you lemons ask for salt and tequila!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Adjustments

This week, Gaven went through these:

1) Separation anxiety from gong gong and popo (they went back to KL…. forever)

My parents went back to KL after staying with us for 3 months. What does that mean? Our help is gone! Oh well, back to running around the house naked…..! haha….. kidding! We are not sure if Gaven misses them. He didn’t say anything about it… at least we don’t think he said anything about it. He talks all the time… god knows what he’s saying.

2) New babysitter (our friend Kaity is watching him for a few months until we find a permanent babysitter)

So since my parents are gone, we need a new babysitter. Kaity stepped in to help us until we find somebody permanent. After searching high and low, we still can’t find the “right” person to watch him yet. Kaity is pregnant and is due in Oct, so we have a few months to find somebody (she will watch Gaven up to Sept). I hate to keep changing babysitter on Gaven, but we have no choice. We didn’t want to just settle with somebody. At least this way, we know he is in good hands and we have a few more months to find the “right” person to watch him.

3) Doc band (he starts wearing it today for 23 hours a day)

Gaven has a flat spot on the left side of his head (due to laying on one side for too long), otherwise called Plagiocephaly. The doctor recommended doc band treatment. His case is not that severe, mainly for cosmetics. So John we decided to treat it. He starts wearing his “helmet” today.He seems to be doing fine so far, definitely needs some adjustment from him. I would imagine it being very uncomfortable with a helmet on all the time. It is heart wrenching when I see him fuss due to the helmet. He seems to really hate it when he is in the car seat with it. He started crying as if he was in so much pain when we put him in the car seat with it on the way home. He did fine when he was out and about. So he just needs to get used to having something pressed against his head when he is in his car seat. He doesn’t have to sleep in it today yet (thank god!) but starting tomorrow, he will need to be in it most of the time. I am pretty sure he will scream all night when he starts wearing it to sleep. If he hates it that much wearing it in the car seat, he will definitely hate it even more wearing it to sleep. I pray and pray that he will only need to be in that thing for 6 weeks (6 weeks is the absolute minimum).

My poor baby, so many life adjustments in a week.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gaven’s 4 months Dr. visit

Poor Gaven. He is due for his second round of immunization.


He got 4 jabs on his thighs and 1 oral shot. This time, it’s harder to have him take the oral shot. He is more alert and mobile compared to his 2 months visit. He refused to swallow the liquid and spit most of it out. His expression cracks me up. The whole time taking it, he was making faces like that. Towards the end, he started crying. Then he started screaming when the nurse started jabbing him with those needles. 2 shots on each thigh. My mom can’t bear to watch him being jabbed. The whole time, she kept saying that she feel so bad for Gaven. As soon as he is done, she quickly grabbed Gaven from John’s arm and consoled him. Gaven didn’t do that bad. He stopped crying right after the shots, probably because he was in my mom’s arm. Yes, he LOVES my mom! He wants her more than me!

He developed mild fever the next day. Although he wasn’t feeling that great, he was still smiley and playful with us. He did sleep most of the day and was extra fussy and clingy. It was heartbreaking to see him so uncomfortable but unable to do anything. Thankfully, his fever went away the second day. He is back to his usual self and even reached another milestone. He started to roll over! It was so exciting to see him finally able to roll from his back to his tummy. He has been rolling to the side for weeks but was never able to roll all the way. The next day after his fever, he finally was able to roll over. We are so proud and can’t wait for his next milestone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My first Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, John made all of us a lovely breakfast.

We ate:IMG_0093thisIMG_0095and thisIMG_0096and thisIMG_0094and then this (you probably can’t tell what that is, it’s hash brown)

After the lovely breakfast made by John, we went shopping at the Citadel Outlets. I have never been there and now it has become one of my favorite shopping spots. They have put in many new stores and one of my favorite, the huge H&M store!

The day ended with dinner at Monterey Park. We grabbed 2 cakes before heading home.


First cake was for my mom, mango cake. I don’t remember when was the last time I celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom, probably 10 years ago? Yes, it has been that long since I left home.


The next day, we invited my in laws over for dinner and cake. We got her the strawberry cake.


Honestly, I don’t feel like a mom. Not sure why… haha… maybe when Gaven begins calling me mom, I will feel like one. And oh, John gave me a card and tickets to Shrek the Musical. My first Mother’s Day gift. Open-mouthed smile

Monday, May 23, 2011

Strawberry Picking at Tanaka Farms

Since it is strawberry season, we thought we’d take my parents for their own strawberry picking experience. We went to the same farm we went 2 years ago. We had enjoyed it and thought my parents would enjoy this little excursion as well.


After our Huntington Library experience, this time we dressed Gaven appropriately . He is all ready for his strawberry picking experience complete with a hat and shoes.




We were given 15 minutes to pick our strawberries. I had to go get my dad who strayed away from the crowd. He had so much fun picking that he didn’t want to leave.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Huntington Library

Few weekends ago, we took my parents to the Huntington Library. We didn’t realize how much walking there was and how hot it can be.

We met with Jocelyn’s family for Dim Sum before heading to the library. Her parents were in town as well.


The admission tickets were pretty expensive. $20 for adult.


My poor baby wasn’t dressed appropriately for this trip. We were so worried he was going to get sun burn and kept praying that he inherited my skin instead of John’s.


Gaven’s First Snow Experience


wow… this was a long long overdue post.


We went to Mammoth Mountain the week before I started work. I was worried to put Gaven through the long 5 hours drive- after all he was only 12 weeks old. Turned out, I had nothing to be worried about. He napped like a champ and survived the 3 days, 2 nights trip in Mammoth. There were of course lots of packing and prep work when travelling with a baby. We brought Penny along so he doesn’t feel like he is in a strange place.

It was snowing as we were approaching Mammoth Mountain. It wasn’t heavy snow so no chains were required.


Left: Gaven was so happy we finally arrived at our condo after the a grueling 5 hours drive.

Right: We dressed him warm for a walk outside. He couldn’t move much in the sweater.


Left: We walked around the stores in The Village, where we stayed.

Right: He looked so confused probably thinking why was he in that big suit. Smile


Left & Right: Having fun with him in the snow.


Left: Taking his nap with Penny.

Right: My dad watching tv while waiting for dinner.


Left: Gaven’s first gondola ride.

Right: Gaven’s first bus ride.


Left: Feeding him at McD.

Right: So excited. Can’t wait to go home.


Left: My dad had a good time checking out people skiing and snowboarding.

Right: Me trying to make my snow angel. Smile