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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

17 Month Update

I have so many things to write but I have so little time! I am so busy….. everyday! I feel like 24 hours in a day is not enough. I feel like there is so much to do that I don’t even know where to begin. Anyway, enough about my rambling. Back to the subject. I really want to pen these down before I forget. I cannot retain any information in my head and blogging about it is the only way I can look back and remember when he did what.

So 17 months of Gaven…. FUN! and exhausting. I can only imagine it’s going to get more exhausting from here on out. I need a maid…. if only I can afford it. Sad smile

Feeding time continues to be a struggle in this household. Sometimes he eats very good, but most of the time he is just refusing food. I’m not sure if it’s because I have high expectations of how much he eats or he is just a light eater. He does eat more than I expect sometimes.

Breakfast: He usually gets 3-6 oz of milk (formula or cow milk), some bread and banana, or avocado, or hard boiled egg, or crackers.

Snack: Penny usually feeds him 5 oz of milk, cheerios and pears or crackers and some sort of fruit. With us, we give him 4 oz of yogurt and some graham crackers. We usually feed him at around 10-11 am. Penny feeds him around 9 - 10am.

Lunch: Penny usually feeds him 5 oz of milk, turkey wonton noodles with mixed veggies, oranges With us, we usually give him spinach and cheese tortellini, with grapes/ blueberries.


Snack: Penny usually feeds him plain crackers or potato bread and pears. We usually feed him applesauce, bread or butter crackers. His snack time with us is usually between 3:30- 4:30 pm depending on what time he gets up from his nap. Penny feeds him around 4- 4:15pm.

Dinner: Around 5:30- 6:30pm, he gets porridge with carrots, brocolli with fish or chicken and grapes or watermelon. Or sometimes, we give him mashed potatoes with chicken and peas and some fruit Or tortellini and some fruit.

Before bedtime, he gets 6 oz of milk (cow milk or formula).

Of course his menu varies but those are the typical food he will get.

He uses probably 5-7 diapers (size 4) a day. We are not pushing his potty training because we feel like he is not ready for it. He doesn’t understand the concept yet and he doesn’t know when to tell us if he needs to go. We sometimes put him on the toilet after meal, and he would sometimes poop and sometimes not. So it’s a hit or miss thing. Will try it again later when we feel like he is able to communicate more.

He likes to imitate what we are doing. He sees us vacuuming the floor, he wants to vacuum too. He sees me dusting, he wants to do it to. I left my swiffer on a table when I was done and a minute later I noticed that he grabbed it and started dusting where I was dusting earlier. I thought that was kind of funny.

He is starting to talk more and more. Sometimes, you can make out what he was saying and sometimes he is just babbling. He says no, hot when the food was too hot for him, high chair, where it go (where did it go), dirty, shoes, ball, hi, bye, doggie. When we asked him what does a rooster say… he said cockadoodle do…. well sort of. It doesn’t exactly sound like that, in fact it was pretty off but we know what he means. lol. If you ask him where his nose, mouth, eyes, ears, knees, belly button are, he knows where to point. He knows some in chinese too… like nose, mouth, eyes and ears.

He sleeps pretty good at night. He goes down anywhere from 7:30- 8:30pm. He continues to sleep with us in the morning around 6:30 am to 7+ am. One nap a day (about 2 hours). He will not take his morning nap if he is home with us, but if we were to go somewhere, he will most definitely fall asleep in the car.

He hurts himself a lot because he climbs on everything. There is always some sort of a “boo boo” on his forehead or his knees. Not going to lie, it sometimes hurts me when I see him hurt himself bad. Then again, I am almost immune to it now. haha.

He loves the water. We took him swimming a couple times so far and he just loves it. He plays with garden hose in the backyard. Help us watering the plants… he saw us doing it and he wanted to do it too. Whenever we are hanging out in the backyard, he wants to grab the garden hose and starts spraying the plants. He usually just sprays at the same spot … hahha… my plant will die from overwatering soon. He kills a couple of my plants by stepping on them, not on purpose but it makes me so mad. He also loves playing with shovel and digging the dirt. His toy shovel of course, once in awhile we let him use the “real” shovel.

We also noticed that he has a thing for wheels. He loves wheels. He spins them and is always pointing them out when he sees one.

So many pictures to share but that will have to come in another post if I want to get this done and posted right away.