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Thursday, September 27, 2007

time machine

I wish I could fast forward time.... to dec '07 at least . I know it's strange, people usually want to go back in time.

nice sunset, nothing... just out of random... taken frm my cell phone sony ericson w850i, it's laguna beach by the way

that's what this blog is for ..... for something silly.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

a sweet meeting.....

On Sept 8th, we went to Saugus 12th Annual Car Show. Ok, so it's not actually my kind of thing... to go to a car show?! But we went for 3 main reasons:
  • Mike Springer will be there
  • Jimmy is participating this year with his green mini
  • it's in Saugus!

So why not, right? Earlier that week:

Janet: Hey! You want to see Mike Springer?

Me: Of course? But how? I can't meet him up for lunch. I need to work.

Janet: No, not lunch. This Saturday!

Me: (still confused) The concert at the park?

Janet: No! Car show! He said he will come to the car show this Saturday.

Me: Really? (very excited at this point) Yea! I'll come. What time?

So that's basically how I end up going to the car show. Of course also to support our friend, Jimmy! First thing when we get in is to look for Jimmy's green mini.

We saw him chatting with some onlookers explaining how he build this. In case you don't know, Jimmy build his car from scratch! Look at the pictures of how the mini 1st looked like when he bought it. Yep, he is a smart man.... that's why we are friends. The smart mingles with the smart people. :P

I still remember he took us for a ride when the car is 3/4 done. No windshield, no window and no upholstery yet. He took us for a ride in the neighborhood.... man that thing is sure loud! And now the final work... a masterpiece. Right now, he is working on another mini. He is a crazy mini-mania! hehe.....

We did finally meet Springer and chatted with him and his wife for awhile. Haven't seen him for a long time, but we still often chat on the phone. He is so funny. He always managed to make me and Janet laugh each time without fail. We are a huge fan of his. Too bad, we didn't get to take a picture with him. Maybe we were all too excited to see each other that we forgot. So it was a sweet meeting.....

Here are some pictures of the cars for your eye candy that John managed to took before it gets dark....Don't ask me what they are. For all I know they are special cars.

cute road sign

there John is.... buying his cup of beer.... without fail

after circling around, we decided to get something to munch on so we bought nachos! Here's my chili nachos.... I ordered the wrong thing :( I wanted nachos with jalapenos and silly me, I thought it's called chili nachos. I blamed it on John for not letting me know before ordering it... oh well, it's still delicious!
I had Jimmy take a picture with his proud mini. This is actually a second take. Apparently, the 1st one didn't pass Janet's approval..... tee- hee
ok, by now you can gues who's standing behind Janet with the peace sign on her head.....

We left at about 9pm and since TJ Maxx is not too far away, I wanted to stop by to look for bags. They have designers handbags at a very good deal. John reluctantly drove me there. I didn't see anything I like, we left empty handed. We then went to Fridays for dinner.That's my apple martini, alot better than what I originally ordered, Friday's martini. I took a sip and it was too awful. So the John had the waitress changed it to an apple martini for me instead. We were very dissapointed with the food. Thsi is the second time the food has disssapoint us. We vow never to have dinner at Fridays again.... at least not the one in Santa Clarita.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tim & Jen's Wedding 8.25.07

2 weeks ago we attended Tim & Jen's wedding at Hartley Botanical, Somis. Somis is located on the northern outskirts of Camarillo and just east of Moorpark and Simi Valley, about 40 minutes away from our house. With no doubt, they managed to pull a nice wedding together. The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony and reception. The green and coral color weddings.... one couldn't have asked for more. I just wish our wedding will be half as smooth as theirs. Enjoy the pictures below...

The place cards. They combined both programs and place cards in one nicely printed cards with green and coral ribbons tied on the side. When guests arrived, they took a picture of their guests, which will later put in their albums for memories. A very good idea.

the aisle that Jen will walk down in a minute, very pretty

the outdoor reception.....

table arrangement

Cake centerpiece. Each table has their own cake. Unique idea...

the program.....

their grand entrance, can't remember what song they were walking in with

their cake cutting

their first dance.... can't remember the song. They look very lovely

garter toss time......

bouquet toss time

that's me and John taking our own picture. Friends took some of our pictures but we still haven't see them yet

the girls.....

At the end of the night, Tim took over the the turntable from the dj and showed off some of his skills

the party didn't stop right there. We then went to a club in the hotel where most of us will be spending the night. So everyone gets to party & drink like crazy

Robin went up to the cage and show off her sexy moves

the bride..... pooped at the end of the night!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

the wizard of oz

I am very behind with my blog. Let me go back to 3 weeks ago. August 8th, my birthday! I took half the day off from work, not because I have something big planned for that night (well.. that too) but because I have a doctor's appt at 1:30pm. Yes, it sucks to have a dr's appt on your birthday but it was all worth it. It was the greatest news I've heard in 2 months. Alright, I have a confession to make. 2 months ago, I went for a medical check up for my immigration paperwork purposes. Well, it was supposed to be a really easy process. Little did I know, it would lead to more visits to the doctor's office within 2 months. I did a tuberculosis test and it came back positive! The doctor told me it's normal for people that come from southeast asia because when we were young, we were given the BCG vaccination. Because my tb test is positive, I need to do a chest x-ray. The doctor told me that if nothing is wrong, I don't have to go in anymore unless I want to keep my x-ray for my own record. One week later, I got a call from the doctor's office regarding my x-ray's result. So you can imagine how nervous I was at this point. I was determined something is wrong with me because he had wanted me to go in. John came with me because I was too scared to go alone. We went together and the doctor gave me me this!

They found a 1.0 X 1.8 cm benign appearing smooth oval density in the left mid lung zone. He has advised that I go seek a specialist for a more professional opinion since I do not have a previous x-ray exam for comparison. So I made an appt with my family doctor to get amother x-ray exam done. Maybe he got some bad x-rays, who knows right? Then I went to my family doctor 2 weeks later and got 4 more x-rays done with 2 at a very special angle shot now that we know where the stupid benign is. Yep, it's still there not gone. She assured me that it's probably nothing. It's probably calcified. After all I am too young to have cancer! I did smoke, but it was just an occassional thing. Ok, so maybe not ocassional during my college years, but still??? Anyway, I didn't think it was anything major. I am pretty sure it was nothing. I felt fine, I meant I breathed normal. There was really nothing wrong with me. But I still needed to go to a specialist for peace of mind. She had to referred me to a specialist and I went in again few weeks later. I did a breathing test to test my lung capacity. The technician was very helpful. He coached me during the entire process. I was asked to sit in a booth, they call it a Plexiglas booth. In this booth I did different breathing techniques, blowing into a tube, while in the booth. The result came out very normal. However in order to make sure that the 1.0 X 1.8 cm benign density is calcified and not cancerous, my specialist ordered me a CAT scan. Fast forward to August 8th.... that's when I get my Ct scan result. It's proven that it's calcified and not cancerous. woohooo.....! See, I knew it was nothing. He said it's probably just an old scar from something... a pneumonia maybe? I don't remember getting it when I was young... anyway, who cares? As long as it's nothing. He said I might born with it too. It's hard to tell since I do not have a previous x-ray exam.

Right now, the concern is my tb skin test result. Because I was tested positive, he thinks that I have tb germs or bacteria in my body. He said my body's defenses are protecting me from the germs. This is referred to as latent TBI. He wants me to do preventive therapy that aims to kill germs that are not doing any damage right now, but could later. I would need to take a medication named INH for nine months. I have agreed to do so but I haven't started yet. We are changing our medical insurance and until then I won't start taking it. :))) So there! I am perfectly healthy.

Now you are wondering why the subject of the blog? *grin grin* It's because..... I got tickets to a play, the Wicked for my birthday from John. It started at 8pm on August 8th. I came back and met up with John after my doctor's visit. Took a short nap and headed straight to Hollywood The Pantages theatre . We had dinner at a japanese restaurant around the block. Definitely will not go back there! Food is not that great but the play was awesome. It was the best play I've seen so far. Thanks babe!!

my tickets... lovely!

the Pantages

nope, we didn't pay a visit...... but looks interesting

that's my man waiting to cross the street

ok.. go!

hollywood stars print along the sidewalk

while he kept getting pictures of crossing the street....

I get to take picture with the pole!

the lobby of the theatre

No more pictures allow in the theatre. It was really a good play, I want to watch more......!!! :)))