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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poopy Talk!

Oh my god…..! Gaven’s poopy smell so bad!!! He has been eating porridge regularly. I am pretty sure that contributed to his very very very stinky poop!


image source here.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Blue

I hope this will cheer you up! A naked baby….

IMG_0226 (2).

As I handed him over to Penny this morning, he looked at me for “security”, I think? He never does that, first time I see him a little hesitant going over to Penny’s arms. But then the look of uneasiness quickly turned into a big smile. I am guessing the 4 day weekend with mommy and daddy spoiled him a little Flirt male.

Oh, big milestone last weekend from Gaven. He took his first step sorta. He took a step and leaped forward. Needless to say, these new parents were both thrilled and screamed with enjoyment.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day everyone! Goble- goble!

Can’t believe I get 4 full days with Gaven!


A Birthday Party

We recently went to a 3-year birthday party at Ventura. I am too lazy to write. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

IMG_0087 (4)IMG_0088 (4)IMG_0096 (4)IMG_0100 (4)

IMG_0097 (4)Treasure hunt. Gaven watched as the kids dug through the sand for the treasure chest. IMG_0105 (4)IMG_0104 (4)

Peeking through the window…

IMG_0101 (3)IMG_0102 (4)IMG_0107 (3)IMG_0109 (4)IMG_0110 (4)IMG_0111 (4)IMG_0114 (4)IMG_0116 (4)IMG_0121 (4)

Kipton Reid- 2 months old.Eric & Kaity’s 3rd child. Youngest baby there Smile.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Behind the scenes monthly photos

Taking his monthly photos are getting harder and harder. Before it was hard trying to get him to sit up straight. Now he just won’t sit still. Constantly trying to “escape”. Here are some of the “failed” takes between his 9 and 10 month photos. He would not sit still for us to take photos. Takes lots of distractions and hard work from both John and I to get 1 good picture from 10 snaps. We take 100’s of pics to get a few nice ones.

Baby on the run…. :

IMG_0023 (5)IMG_0028 (4)IMG_0039 (4)IMG_0138 (2)IMG_0141 (2)IMG_0142 (2)IMG_0157 (2)IMG_0206 (2)IMG_0207 (2)IMG_0346

10 month update

SO here goes. Gaven turned 10 months on Nov 18. Boy, time flies…. I can’t believe my little guy is 10 months old already! He’ll turn 1 before I know it.

Gaven is getting more and more adorable each day I must say. My opinion may be biased Smile with tongue outbut he is a very lovable child. He makes loving him so easy. He is such a happy baby, laughs all the time and at the littlest thing. It is really not that hard to get a laugh out of him. It is easy for me at least. He can get a little weary around strangers sometimes, but he quickly warms up if you just make an effort. Smile I hope he stays a happy child. Ah… I just love Gaven much! Love him so much that it hurts. I am sure parents are able to relate to this feeling. Anyway, here’s a little update on Gaven.

1) Talking- He is talking more and more words. Ta- ta, da-da, ma-ma, mum-mum, uh,and other miscellaneous words. I have no idea what he is saying. He blabbers all day long! His words still don’t seems purposeful yet. Although there was one incident when I walked up to him in his car seat, he said “ma” but I think that was just coincidence. I can’t wait for him to start talking actually. I wonder what silly thing he will say. (not cursing at me I hope).

2) Walking- No, not yet. He is not walking yet. That would be scary if he does. He doesn’t care for this walker that we bought him. He stays in there for 10 min top. Then he’ll start whining to be picked up. What a waste of money! I think what we should have gotten him is one of those stand & walk type of walkers, like this one. But I really don’t feel like spending more money on a walker. One is plenty. Fortunately, Gaven is creative enough to get himself one of those walkers. It was funny to spot him walking around with a trash can one day. Since then, if he is up for walking, we just let him play with the trash can. Who needs toys when you have trash can around? Smile with tongue out

IMG_0128 (2)IMG_0006 (6)

Here’s a little clip:

Gaven’s walker

He sometimes falls, nothing major, he picks himself up, laughs and continues.

3) Health- Gaven got his flu shots. Yes, 2 shots. First one was given to him during his 9 month visit. He just had his 2nd shot today. He has been sick for almost a month. It wasn’t bad. It’s the typical, runny nose, congestion and cough. So the doctor put him on a 10-day antibiotic. He is doing much better now. He always seems to have runny nose, so that will never go away. It didn’t seem to bother him though. What a trooper! Aside from the constant cold that he has, the doctor said he is pretty advanced in his motor skills.

4) Sleep- I have nothing to complain in this department. He goes to bed at around 7-7:30pm and wakes up at around 7am. Give and take 30 min. These hours work during weekdays when we have to get up early to go to work but it sucks during the weekends. That means, no more sleeping in for us. When he gets up, we get up. If there’s anyone that has a good tip on how to train baby to sleep in during the weekends, let me know!

5) Baby Proofing- We still have lots to do in this dept. One of the most useful things we did is put up a gate in the kitchen. He loves crawling into the kitchen so this gate keeps him away.


6) Poop- Once you have a child, you talk poop all the time. How many times they poop, what is the consistency, etc. Gaven poops on average 4 times a day! Sometimes he poops 5 times! On a minimum, twice. I thought the poop would lessen after he started solid, but no, he continues to poop that frequent. Almost after every meal. I brought this up several times during doctor visits, of course the doctor assured us there’s nothing to worry about as long as they are not diarrhea. It is actually a good thing. That sure seems too frequent to me. He is gaining weight fine, I guess I don’t need to worry too much about it.

7) Play- Gaven loves to play. He loves playing more than me! When I pick him up from Penny’s, he sometimes refuses to go home with me. There’s more toys there and he has his friends. Also, he is a pretty independent kid. I can leave him in a room by himself, he would not cry for me. It’s good and it’s bad. The bad? I don’t feel needed Sad smile. The good? I can get things done. I can leave him in his room, close the door and prepare dinner without needing to carry him all the time. I check on him every 5-10 min or so, he is happily playing by himself.

8) Food- I am running out of ideas on what to feed Gaven. I try to avoid those baby jar food as much as possible unless we are on the run. At home, I try feeding him homemade food. I’ve been making porridge for him and he seems to like it. He eats everything so far even fish, except for avocado. I am not giving up on avocado yet. The doctor said I should wait another month before I start introducing it to him again.

I think that’s it. Can’t think of anything else.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Halloween Party

I joined a mommy group just so I can be invited to this baby Halloween party. I invited Ashley, my neighbor to join as well. I met Ashley on one of my daily walks with Gaven around my neighborhood. Ashley and I hit it off right away. This is very rare for me since I am a pretty shy person around strangers. For some reason, I feel very comfortable with Ashley and we exchanged numbers the first night. Since then we’ve been making dates to walk together sometimes. She has a baby boy, Connor who is 3 weeks younger than Gaven. I love my neighborhood. Lots of young families. John and I always joke that we are the poorest family in our neighborhood.

I forgot to bring a camera that day. I know. Darn it. It was too rushed that day and I left the camera at home. To make the situation worse, I volunteered to bring a bail of hay for the party. I didn’t know how big those things can be and apparently it doesn’t fit in my little mazda3. We were already late to the party, so John and I split up. He went to get his parents truck and get the bail of hay while I go directly to the party with Gaven,

I took a few pictures from my phone. Lots of cute babies! The party was 2 weeks ago.


Connor didn’t put on any costume. It was a hot day and his costume is thick.

Cristian is my co workers son. He dressed as a pumpkin.


A better group pic can be found on my facebook. We didn’t think that taking a baby group pic was possible. They surprisingly sat still for the photos. They were probably too scared to move? But then again, the mommies were singing songs, that probably distracted them a little. Right when they were done with pictures, all the babies started crying including Gaven. It was so loud, all you could hear was just babies crying everywhere. We left the party right after the photos because John had to leave for the airport that evening. He went to Seattle for work a couple days.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Little Tigger

Gaven was born in the year of Tiger so it’s only fitting that he is Tigger for Halloween. Smile

Actually, we’ve been wanting to dress him in a Nemo costume. We couldn’t find the costume at the store anymore, I think it was discontinued. Then, Janet worked very hard to get him the costume from her work after asking around at work. It was the only one that they have and it is an 18 month size. It is a tad bit big on him so we just kept it for next year. Fortunately for us, we were able to snatch up the Tigger costume from Babies R Us at clearance for a mere $8+.

We realized we didn’t have a pumpkin for Gaven’s first Halloween. We have been so busy for the past few weekends that we didn’t have time to carve pumpkins. So I ran to Nancys Ranch after work to pick Gaven a pumpkin. We decided to just carve 1 pumpkin since we would not have time to carve 3 pumpkins, one for each of us. Also, to save time, instead of doing a fancy schmancy design, we just picked his little hand prints as the design. I got this idea from one of the blogs that I follow.


It only took John 15 min to carve it. I think it took us longer to have him sit still with his hands on the pumpkin. Definitely a 2-person job. We could have easily carved 3 pumpkins that night… but oh well, next year we will be more prepared. Gaven loves his pumpkin!



Here’s Gaven sitting on our doorstep with his pumpkin. The other 2 are fake lighted pumpkins that we got from Big Lots.


We set up a simple Halloween d├ęcor for our house.


Next year, Gaven will be able to go trick or treating!