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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

28 Months Update

At 28 months old, Gaven is a handful.

 IMG_0550 IMG_0555   IMG_0560IMG_0567  

He unlocks the iPad using our passcode all by himself. He can navigate to the apps he wants and can open and close them.

He tries the voice control to play his youtube videos. Unfortunately, Siri doesn’t understand his words yet. :) The other day, he turned on the voice activation control and asked for trash truck. lol

He is obsessed with trash trucks. Not kidding, this kid is obsessed over it.I took a picture of a trash truck on my way home, so I can show it to him when I get home.


My lovely mother’s day card.


He loves his new day care. He is currently enrolled in Montessori, after our home daycare lady quit on us while we were vacationing in Malaysia. It took him about a week to get adjusted. He cried and cried everytime we droped him off. Now he can’t wait to get to school.IMG_2586IMG_2587 

Sadly, he is not potty trained yet.

He is still a very picky eater. Some days he eats good and some days he doesn’t. He weighs around 26 lbs, which is way low for his age.

He seems to get fever a lot. It doesn’t dampen his playful spirit though. It will usually go away in a day or 2. We suspect his big molars are coming in.

He had hand, foot and mouth disease (HFM)! We didn’t even know. I was checking his mouth to see if he had molars coming in, and noticed he had red spots all over the back of his mouth. The next day, they were going away. I checked again 2 days later, and I saw blisters. It doesn’t look that bad and it didn’t seem to bother him. I read on internet, there is really no medicine for it. He had fever few days before we noticed the red spots. So we were sure he has HFM disease. We have to let it run its course. It looks like it is at the end of the course, thank god!

photo (2)

He knows a lot of words. I can’t even keep track. He understands a lot too. I am teaching him some Chinese words. He can speak a few words in Chinese: frog, dog, cat, moon, sun, stars. Of course he wouldn’t say it unless you ask him. He does understand a little Chinese. I know I need to speak Chinese to him more often, but it is hard! I keep forgetting and when I do speak Chinese to him, he doesn’t understand what I said. So sometimes it is just easier to speak English to him.

He still sleeps in his crib. No sign of him climbing out yet. We are keeping him there for as long as we can. He comes over in the middle of the night and sleeps with us. He cries like around 12- 1 am, John goes to get him from his room and bring him over. He sleeps with us till the morning.


We went to Bottega Louie for brunch on Mother’s Day. Gaven had a fever the night before. We weren’t sure if we were going to go. He woke up in the morning with no fever, all active and playful. So we decided to go.

His bedtime is between 7:30-8:30 pm.


His weekday routine is:

7am: Wake up, eat breakfast with iPad. Pee/ Poo in potty. Change of diaper and clothes.

8 am: On the way to school. Mommy drop off.

4:30 pm: Daddy pick up. Daddy prepares simple dinner, while Gaven watches TV or iPad, or sometimes, he plays with his toys.

5-6pm: Mommy gets home. Play with Gaven.

6 pm: Dinner.

7 pm: Family play time, poopy.Bathtime

7:30- 8:30: Bedtime routine. Includes brushing his teeth, pee pee in the potty, change into pajamas, play with toys the room, read stories. Turn off light, kiss good night.