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Monday, April 23, 2012

Egg Hunt- Round 2

We did round 2 at Debbie’s house. Sunday, we went over there for round 2 egg hunt and lunch with the family.

IMG_0172 (7)IMG_0173 (6)IMG_0174 (6)IMG_0175 (7)IMG_0176 (6)IMG_0178 (7)IMG_0179 (6)IMG_0180 (6)IMG_0181 (6)IMG_0182 (6)IMG_0183 (6)IMG_0184 (6)IMG_0185 (6)IMG_0186 (6)IMG_0188 (6)IMG_0190 (5)IMG_0195 (6)IMG_0196 (6)

He did a lot better here, because cousin Jasmine kept handing eggs to him. Jasmine would find eggs and put them in his basket. Jasmine and Jacob were not allowed to grab the eggs out in the open because those were for Gaven. hahha… so he had a lot of help here.

Easter Egg Hunt- the real deal

Next morning, we dressed him up and took him for his first real egg hunt! SmileIMG_0095 (6)IMG_0097 (6)IMG_0099 (6)IMG_0102 (7)

The egg hunts are separated by age group. He is in the under age 3 category. The parents are allowed to go in the square with their kids.

IMG_0107 (8)IMG_0126 (7)IMG_0104 (8)IMG_0109 (7)IMG_0127 (7)IMG_0133 (6)IMG_0137 (7)IMG_0139 (6)IMG_0145 (6)IMG_0148 (6)IMG_0154 (6)IMG_0151 (6)

All done. Checking out his “profit”. He only got 3 eggs. John said the eggs were gone like within 3 seconds. It was that fast.

IMG_0156 (7)IMG_0159 (6)

Trying to munch on his candies. No baby, not for you to eat yet. Happily hand the candies over to Daddy.

IMG_0160 (7)IMG_0163 (6)

Daddy then ate all his candies. Poor Gaven, doesn’t know what’s going on yet. Maybe when he is older, it’s payback time!

IMG_0164 (6)IMG_0171 (7)

Met with Cristian, my co worker’s son. He is 2 months younger than munchkin. Looks so small compare to Gaven. Gaven all pooped out after the event. Till next year Easter…

Easter Egg Hunt Practice Round

We took Gaven to Central Park (in Santa Clarita, not the New York kind… ) for his very first egg hunt. To ensure that he knows what he’s doing, we did a practice run at home. I ran to the 99 cents store and grabbed a bunch of eggs and a basket for him. That evening, John laid the eggs all over our backyard and did a practice run with munchkin. At first, he was confused. He didn’t want to have anything to do with the basket. He didn’t want to hold it. He would grab the eggs but refused to put them in the basket. See the first picture below? John was trying to take his egg and put it in his basket and he started crying. Then he finally got the idea of it, and slowly put the eggs in the basket, reluctantly.IMG_0076 (8)IMG_0077 (8)IMG_0079 (7)IMG_0083 (8)IMG_0080 (8)IMG_0084 (8)IMG_0085 (8)IMG_0086 (7)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Favorite Picture

This has to be my favorite picture to date…


It used to be this one here Laughing out loud. It was a close one but I decided I love the recent Easter picture the best!