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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I want to help you

“I want to help you” is what seems to be coming out from Gaven’s mouth lately.

He sees what you do and asks to help you. It’s nice if he is actually helping you. More often than not, he’s causing more mess than actually helping you. Not to mention the fact that he slows down your task. I am not a patient person. So often times, I would rather him not help me as it slows me down from what I was doing. John lets him help every time he asks, so I guess that could be one of the contributing factors as to why he likes his dad better

He likes to help with dishes, make rice, vacuum, dusting, and etc.

His likes to help me toast the waffle in the morning. I let him do that because that doesn’t really take my time away from my task. He puts the waffle in the toaster and waits patiently for it to pop. Then we both laugh and laugh at the waffle that popped and act like it was the scariest thing ever.

So needless to say, his breakfast lately has been waffle every morning. :)


Helping carry groceries

IMG_1592   IMG_1590

Help vacuuming

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