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Monday, September 9, 2013

My little boy is sick

My poor little guy is home sick with some sort of a stomach bug. He started having loose bowel movement since last night after dinner. In the middle of the night, he woke up 3 times to use the toilet. In the morning, he didn’t seem like his usual self, so we kept him at home. I stayed home with him in the morning, while John is at work. John takes over the afternoon shift while I go in to work after lunch. This is basically our arrangement when Gaven has to stay home from any sickness he has. That way, we both get to go in 1/2 day to work without having to burn any PTO.

He pooped some more and threw up in the morning. I noticed some blood in his stool which prompted me to call John to make an appt with the doctor. He complained all day that his tummy hurts.

Doctor wants us to take his stool specimen, yeah fun stuff. I told the little guy that that when he grows up, he better remember who scoop his stool up and put in little containers. His dad! Haha! On our way home from the doctor, he threw up all over the car!

Other than the multiple trips to the bathroom, he’s been acting ok. Nothing too concerning. Hopefully my little guy feels better soon. Its not fun taking care of a sick kid. :(

IMG_1403[1] IMG_1404[1]

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