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Monday, September 9, 2013

Biking Fun

Gaven loves biking.. sitting at the back that is. We’ve taken the bike to Santa Monica and Ventura Beach so far. Biking at the beach is so much nicer than going around the paseo in our neighborhood. Weather is so much nicer by the beach not to mention the view!

Hope we can continue to find time to do this more often! Gaven enjoys the ride very much too. Can’t wait  till the day he rides his own little bike with us!


 IMG_1031[1] IMG_1029[1] IMG_1318[1] IMG_1320[1]

Towing his little red wagon at the Farmer’s Market at Ventura

. IMG_1323[1] IMG_1322[1]

After some biking fun, we stopped for some sand and water fun!

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