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Friday, September 20, 2013

How we break his iPad habit

A couple months before our trip to Malaysia back in Feb 2013, we started introducing iPad to Gaven. We loaded the iPad up with Disney movies for him to watch. The reason was so that we can keep him occupied for the long flight to Malaysia. Like any kid, he loved his new entertainment. He was obsessed with it. We let him watch during breakfast, lunch and dinner. He would eat and watch the movies on the iPad on the dinner table. The other reason was so he would be so occupied watching the movies, that he would let us feed him anything. He would chew and swallow & watch iPad at the same time. It was an easy way to make sure he finished his food. Our mealtime was painless. No fussing and crying at dinner table. No refusing food. The downside was, we would have to feed him, which we’re ok with as long as we have a quiet meal time.


Watching iPad at meal time, would not touch his food. We have to feed him. Upside is, we can feed him anything, he would open his mouth.

The habit got so bad that he would ask for ipad at every single meal time. It’s almost like he doesn’t know what to do if he doesn’t have ipad over his meal. We knew we had to do something about it. A couple months ago, we bit the bullet and stop allowing him to watch ipad at mealtime. We told him the ipad was broken and we have to take it to the shop to fix. We switched it off so it wouldn’t light up when he tries to turn it on. He asked for it at every single meal time and we continued to tell him that the ipad is broken and we’re still trying to fix it. He whined and cried and fussed.

Ipadless first week- pushing food away, being a brat.

At mealtime, he didn’t know what to do at first without his ipad. He was playing with his food, utensils and wouldn’t sit still. He was being very difficult. It was hard, we can’t enjoy our meals. I started to bring pen and paper and would draw stuff to entertain him. That distracted him a little and slowly, after about a week, of ipadless, he stopped asking for it at every single meal time. He occasionally asked if the ipad is broken and we would say yes and he would drop it. We are so glad we’re able to break this bad habit of his. Our sacrifice is we won’t be able to use the iPad in front of him because it was supposed to be broken. We hide it so he can’t see it. Out of sight, out of mind. We would only use it after he goes to bed. When he stoped asking for it for almost a month, we slowly start using it in front of him and when he asked, we told him it won’t play movies. And he would just accept it without further questions.

Mom & Dad= 1, Gaven= 0

We win. :)      

IMG_2218 IMG_2219

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