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Saturday, January 24, 2009

make me FIT!!!

Last night we finally got our hands on the ever popular game... the Wii FIT!!!! We were so excited when we finally got home from Wal Mart last night after months of anticipation. It has been sold out for months! Anyway, our movie night turned into ... of course.. FIT night.

The game is so cool. We should have gotten it long time ago when it came out, when everyone was raving about it. Oh well... we have it now! I am sure it will be tossed aside just like our MarioKart and Guitar Hero after we get tired of playing it. ;p

So, first step you choose your own little Mii. Key in your height & birthdate. Then using the balance board, it calculates your Body Mass Index. Thankfully, all 3 of us (& Dustin!) are in the normal and healthy BMI range. Then you do a series of balance tests to determine your Wii Fit Age. I cannot believe my eyes when my Wii Fit age was revealed! A freaking 33! Yep I am 33 in Wii Fit Age!!! I am 5 years older than my real age! tsk .... tsk.... tsk....... shame on me! Apparently those 3 nights a week at the gym and 2 hikings I have done so far.... were not good enough. John's Wii Fit age 30, which is very close to his real age & Dustin... 28! His "fit" age is younger than his real age! bastard...!

Ok... after the embarrassing revealed, you set your goal as to how much weight you want to lose or gain. We both set our goals with a certain amount of weight we want to lose in a month with the help of a virtual personal trainer! Of course the boys picked the chick, & I picked the big buff male trainer! The cool thing is, it logs your training time after each routine. There are many little games and exercises to choose from.

John was having such hard time keeping the tree yoga position for even 2 seconds!
then dustin tried the push up exercises...
walking on the tightrope ...
ski jumps!
... "take off failed"... this was too funny.... his little Mii tumbled down the hill... became a huge snowball!

We are a bunch of lazy ass ppl who hope that this lame video game will motivate us into working out. The funny expression & cute responses are what makes it interesting!

We are in the midst of moving (yes, again!! .... hence the odd hole patches on the wall which used to be shelves) and will be spending the next couple weeks packing & cleaning.

Hopefully we will "exercise" more often after we move into our new place!


June said...

My Wii age is 34!!!!....I think there's something seriously wrong with it!! Haha...and apparently, I have NO Balance! =(

Adeline said...

haha... I concur. There is definitely something wrong with it. I have no balance too!