When life gives you lemons ask for salt and tequila!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a limo experience?

Last Sunday, we were invited to Robin's birthday dinner and a limo ride. It was kind of a last minute thing. She only decided to do something on her birthday on Saturday night when we were at Tim & Jenn's wedding shower. She mentioned about getting a limo ride and I was all for it since I have never really been in a real limo. I was in a limo for Steph's wedding in Vegas, but that was not really a limo limo. I wanted to get a limo for my wedding day but after we picked out the wedding venue, we don't really need a limo since the ceremony and the reception are going to be at the same place. I was really disappointed about it. John said we could still get a limo ride from our house to Westlake Village Inn if I really wanted one. But nah.... there is no need for one and I believe at that time, we sure could use all the money we will have saved.

There were 10 of us who initially agreed to join her, and of course at the last minute 3 of them didn't make it . So that left the 7 of us in a darn huge limo. It's pretty cool. They came and picked us up at our place and then we went and picked another couple up. Robin had decided to go to this little Italian Restaurant at Studio City called
Zach's Italian Cafe. It's a cozy little cottage that has patio and dining room seating.

Shane & Robin in the limo

John trying to get the champagne to open
their menu

that's my plate- seafood with sun-dried tomatoes. I am not too crazy about this.

and John's hazelnut chicken with orange cream thyme, this one too.

the cute couple that's going to get married next month, they are the ones we went for the wedding shower the night before, all of us got drunk. I was throwing up that night.... :( I didn't drink that much actually. I've had more, I think it was because I didn't have anything to eat beforehand. I was hurting in the morning and had to drag myself out the bed to go to a bridal fair with Net.

that's Robin's cake- chocolate mousse cake, that's her favorite

i managed to take a picture of Zach's

so we were waiting for our ride

here he comes

finally a picture of us in the limo, look at the cool lights

Our next destination was Howl at the Moon located at City Walk. I like this place. They had a dueling piano show. Usually they take the birthday girl up the stage and sit her on the piano. The talented pianists would then play music and sing songs to make fun of the birthday girl. Unfortunately we didn't get to take Robin up on the stage. Hehe... Shane got her the jello -shot though. See pictures.....

this is what I was trying to explain.....

here... the chick that dresses as little red riding hood, giving Robin her jello- shot, she literally sat on her lap

ha-ha, look at her face! so thrilled!

We left that place like around 11-ish. The following day was a workday, no one wanted to stay that late. I didn't get to drink anything that night because I was still so sick from the throwing up the night before. That kind of defeated the whole purpose of getting a limo!?! It's alright.... they all drink for me! :)))))

Monday, July 16, 2007

little tokyo in LA??!

Last Monday, John and I went to Little Tokyo for dinner. He came to pick me up from work and we headed straight to downtown LA. There's a ramen place there I like very much. Haven't been there for awhile so I thought it will be a good opportunity for me to go there for dinner. We wanted to check out the New Otani Hotel which is located adjacent to Orochon Ramen. I like the ramen at Orochon Ramen mainly because they allow you to choose the level of spiciness of your ramen from 1 being the most spicy to 7 being the least spicy. I usually pick #4 which is medium spicy. That night, I wanted to be a little adventurous and picked one level up, #3. Man, what a bad decision I made. It was good at that time, very satisfying since I love spicy food. It was just a little pain I had to endure for eating my favorite food. :P I didn't regret it at all because it was really satisfying being able to eat spicy food after longing for one for awhile. And as usual, John ordered the teriyaki chicken.

We walked around the town before we went to Orochon Ramen

the little tokyo shopping center

there.... Orochon Ramen on the 3rd floor of Weller Court

that's my delicious ramen, salt- add cha siu- level of spiciness #3

I finished the entire bowl. I forgot to take John's teriyaki chicken. I was too excited about my ramen.

After dinner, we walked over to New Otani Hotel and checked out their rooftop garden. It is not as big as I thought it would be. Stayed there for alittle bit before we headed back to our car. John then decided to take me to The Standard, a very popular rooftop lounge/ bar in downtown LA. I have never been there and agreed to go check out this popular spot. It is usually packed on the weekends and is usually hard to get in. We lucked out because it was a Monday night and there were not many people. The design is chic and contemporary. We both had a drink, took some pictures and enjoyed the night view of downtown LA. I will definitely consider coming to this place again in the future with my girlfriends.

there's John posing for me at the New Otani Hotel rooftop garden

The Standard

view from the standard
the not-so-busy Monday night traffic

the pool....

that's the gym right across from the Standard, there's also a huge screen tv above the window

me on one of the water bed booth

Saturday, July 7, 2007

what does a wife do?

Sometimes, it is still hard to believe that I am actually married. When people ask me how I feel being married, I really do not know the answer. Not much has changed except now I have rings on my finger. Talking about rings, I don't even wear it half the time. It's not that I don't want people to know that I am married, it's just that it is always on the way when I am doing something. I have to always take it out when I do dishes, or cook, laundry... etc. I would put it on the kitchen counter or John's study desk or anywhere at my convenience. Later on, when I remember about it, I'll panic and start searching for it high and low. So John has set out a rule that whenever I want to take the rings out, it has to be at one location (bathroom counter) so when I need it, it'll be there and save us all the panic search. Ha! I still misplace it half the time.

On June 24th, John celebrated his 30th birthday with a few of his close friends. We went to Rio Rio for dinner and then Fridays to drink. I don't have any pictures to share but thought I'd let you guys see the card I got him.

Ha-ha. I had to alter it to a birthday card because I cannot find anything more suitable than this! John totally agrees with it!