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Sunday, August 12, 2007

94th aero squadron

We went to the 94th aero squadron for breakfast on August 5th with John's family. His family decided to go there for Debbie's and my birthday. Our birthday is only about a week apart from each other. This is a very extraordinary restaurant. It's an old country french farmhouse with a view of the departing and arriving air traffic. See website for details.

It was unfortunate that his mom couldn't make it that day. She strained her back couple days ago and is not advisable for her to move around that much. So she stayed home. However, his dad made it this time. His dad is always the one who can't make it to any ocassions. Strangely he showed up instead of his mom. Like John said they took a role reversal.

Actually this is not my first time here. When we first started dating, John took me here once for dinner hoping to show me the dramatic view of planes taking off and landing. Unfortunately, there were no planes taking off that night (should've checked their schedule!!). John was really dissapointed because he kept telling me how cool this place is. Anyway, here we are again.... this time with no dissapointment!

this is the entrance, surrounded with many beautiful flowers

John with Jacob ..... and the hay!

the patio with stone fireplace to keep guests warm and cozy during winter.

we sat outside so we can see the air traffic. That's John's dad by the way (with the cap)

and that's me with everyone else

one of the planes getting ready to take off

we took a walk around the patio and saw this!! mallards sleeping......Can you spot the second one?

All of us had the breakfast buffet and went home stuffed!!! I didn't take any picture of the food. They offer many varieties of food ranging from japanese sushi to an old english style hot breakfast for $19.99/ person.

Monday, August 6, 2007

is it here yet?

Ok, I am very excited about the whole thing. The wedding planning of course! Everything is progressing very well. We have the venue booked and now we have found our photographer. I was a little apprehensive of using him, mainly because he is very expensive. But John was able to convince me that the photographer is the one thing that we cannot skimp on. The pictures will capture the most important day of our life, and 30 years from now we don't want to look back at them and regret our choice of photographer. So now i'm relieved we found our venue and photographer! Ok, so now what?
It seems like every time we book something, I get more and more excited for that day to arrive. I keep telling John that I can't wait to get married to him...... (again!) ;) I've done some dress searching as well. I know... it's still very early to start on that, but I love that part. I have Janet to go with me since we are both getting married next year except hers is 3 months earlier than mine. We went to a few bridal salons and I tried on some dresses just to see what kind of style I like. To be honest, I like everyone that I tried on. I cannot make up my mind on which style to pick. If I can, I want everything! hehe.... anyway, it is still too early to have a mind set on the dress yet...... so in the mean time, I will keep trying on dresses..... :P I didn't plan on splurging on the dress. After all, I'll only get to wear it once in my lifetime. Unless I put them on at home just for the fun of it. Now that's a rational thinking, but will I keep my words? Doing so far so good now.

The next step is to look for a videographer. This is also one thing on our low priority list. I think from now on everything else will be easy (hopefully). It's getting more and more expensive than we thought. I want to have a nice wedding but also affordable for the both of us. The money we are going to spend on the wedding could have been a down payment for a townhouse, but it's worth it!! ..... right???? Please tell me I'm right.

I'd thought I will share some pictures with you guys since it's pretty plain without pictures. Here are some pictures we took after we went to see our photographer. After meeting with Sir Harrison, we went to this famous yakitori place at Gardena. It's only about 10 min drive from where Sir Harrison is. We lurrrve their food!! But I have only managed to take a few pics. Anyway, enjoy!

lamb chop. John took a bite before I could take a picture of the whole piece. I had him put it back so I could take a picture before it was all gone. I think that's his favorite.

ok, now he can eat. He quickly dove into it and took a huge bite. (don't mind his shiny forehead... :P)

look at how happy he is.........

of course it's not just the food that did the wonders to him.... he has this! with him all night. Yes, I had to drive us home that night. :)))

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

bon appetit!

We got this in the mail!

.... and the inside goes like this! what a cute idea....

as soon as we walked in the door... we saw this!!!

John actually helped put this together

hightlight of the day, the kids were having lots of fun with it

..... then they had the cupcake decorating contest. The kids got the chef hat with a picture of Remy to match the theme of the party, Ratatoullie. I don't know who won, I didn't stay there to watch the end of it. I was busy playing with Jacob! ^^

the pinata game. dad making sure that the kids didn't cheat :P

and then of course the Ratatoullie cake .......

Jasmine's favorite part........

i love this picture... look at Jacob's expression! I wonder what was he thinking?! ;)

probably, "let go of me........!"

ha-ha... I am not any better than John

there we go..... :))))

Overall, it was a pretty nice kid's party. As usual, Debbie (John' sister) managed to pull off a great party for kids. The kids seemed to have alot of fun. Me, I was a little bored of course, but Jacob keep me entertained! :]