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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Curtains for the living room & formal dining

Finally, we have this task completed - putting the curtains up for the front room, as I call it (because it is the first room when you enter the house). It is actually our living and formal dining area, one big space. Frankly, we have not used that room, to-date. It is screaming for furniture which we do not have the budget to get right now. Plus, there is really no need for us to hang out there since there is no TV!

Because of all the reasons above, we have been neglecting that room since we moved in. The house feels echo-ey due to the lack of furniture and textile.  Also, we were missing the curtain rod brackets which delayed this project further. We have double curtain rods from our old place, but the brackets broke due to frequent handling. It took me a while to find them. Most come with the rods, which I already have. Why spend more when all I really need is the brackets? I searched high and low, and finally decided to order them from amazon.com. As soon as they arrived, I couldn’t wait to have the curtains up. Finally, the hubs caved in to my constant pleas and begging, and is willing to put up the curtains that have long been neglected.

In the end, it is well worth it. Even John agrees that, the room, although still empty, looks a lot nicer once the curtains are up.


IMG_1701 IMG_1702 

Well, the room is not exactly empty. We do have a dining table in there (which we are trying to get rid of) and a coat rack. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the before pictures. But I swear, the curtains do make a difference! :-)

Sprinkler Systems

Since spring is here, the next project to tackle was the sprinkler system. The previous owner didn’t maintain the lawn very well. The lawn was in pretty bad shape when we took over. I think the sprinklers were never turned on for a whole year! Since the yard was overgrown with weeds, we had a gardener came out to clean out the weeds for us. I think it would have taken us weeks to get the job done ourselves. 

John tested the sprinklers to make sure they work. John counted, and we have 65 sprinkler heads in total! 0_o With the help of Jimmy, they fixed the ones that were broken. And those that cannot be fixed were replaced with new sprinkler heads.

Now we can set timer so our sprinkler can go off at certain time.

IMG_1676 IMG_1678

pulling it out to replace them


yes, we need to maintain the whole hillside! bummer… unusable land too!IMG_1694 IMG_1695

backyard’s working fine


 IMG_1692 IMG_1693

the lawn- looking pretty dead.

Hopefully with more frequent watering, the grass will turn green. Sigh, the harsh hot summer in Cali will not help the situation. Well, at least we are feeding them with water again!