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Thursday, March 20, 2008

a very late moving post

Yes, this is indeed a very late moving post. We moved in February but I think it is important to blog about it since I took some pictures of our loving friends helping us. I didn't get many pictures because I was actually working my ass off until Steve arrived 2 hours later! -_-

all the guys working hard....

this is the heaviest item of the house. the entertainment center

almost there
finally there

finally got a picture of Jimmy... he worked the hardest! and he is the earliest to arrive. who are we kidding here... Jimmy.. the most reliable one.

John rented this huge U-Haul truck thinking that we can fit everything in one trip

everything in.

then... of course we underestimated our stuff, and need Shane's truck

and of course, we need another one! Jimmy's truck

everyone getting ready to move. yay!!!

I love everything about our new house. Nice neighborhood and most importantly we have bigger space to put our junk!

I hate moving... I guess no one likes moving. I know we will move again but hopefully the next time we move, it will be the last time. So even though as much as I wanted to buy more furniture to decorate the house I always keep in mind that there will be more stuff to move when we move. So we are doing pretty good here, haven't really bought anything big for this house. One thing we really need is a dining table. Right now we eat on the couch with food on the coffee table. :( So, we'll see. That might be the one thing we really need to get because I don't think we can live like that, especially with my parents coming here.