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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nutella Obsession

My current craze, NUTELLA! I recently discovered how to best eat my Nutella! Tortilla with nutella spread over it with banana slices. I heat it up in the pan with a little bit of olive oil. Heaven! When you bite down to the crispy tortilla, the nutella oozes out…. ooo… *drool*

IMG_0026 (7)IMG_0028 (8)IMG_0029 (7)IMG_0031 (7)IMG_0033 (7)IMG_0034 (6)

I know, I don’t take very good pictures but trust me, they are oh so good! Open-mouthed smile

Monday, March 19, 2012

Potty Time

Gaven pooped for the first time in the potty this past weekend. He couldn’t be more proud of himself! We were so excited that he finally pooped in the toilet. John noticed his poopy face right after he fed him. So he quickly stripped him down and put him on the toilet. He pooped! John cheered and continued to praise him for doing a good job. He started laughing and clapping his hands. He was so proud.

The next day, I continued on with the tradition. As soon as I noticed that he had his poopy face, I quickly put him on the toilet. He pooped again in it! He was so happy when he did it. He is still far from being potty trained but at least he knows what he is supposed to do when he is put on the toilet seat. Sometimes we can’t tell he pooped, he just sneaks it out. He poops many times a day, a minimum of twice. I was concerned about this and had brought this up to the doctor at each visit, but the doctor assured us that it is normal, as long as it is not diarrhea. He just has a very good digestive system I guess.

I never thought I’d be so interested in baby poop topic until I have my own kid. Flirt maleWe were so excited about Gaven’s first poop in the toilet, we even took pictures for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Winking smile

potty1potty2potty3IMG_0019 (10)IMG_0022 (8)IMG_0023 (9)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mud and Boys

What is this with mud and boys? John was doing some gardening on Saturday morning. Gaven decided he wanted to play outside with daddy. I left them outside while I stayed in the kitchen to prepare lunch. After 10 min, I decided to check on them. I saw this little guy playing in the mud!


He even ate some mud! He was filthy! John hosed him down before he was allowed in the house. I had to give him a bath right after.

This is what happened when you let boys play outside unsupervised. Thankfully it was a warm Saturday, or else this little guy would have been freezing being hosed down with ice cold water.


He even flipped his butt over so we can hose off his butt. LOL…


But then again, who can blame this little guy? I used to play with “longkang” water when I was a kid. Smile with tongue out

Friday, March 2, 2012

Valentine’s Day

What did we do with a 1 year old? With no free babysitter, our option is to eat in like normal days. John prepared our dinner, kinda unusual Flirt male… and wait… that’s not the most unusual part. The most unusual part is, he made curry chicken for the first time. With the help of a a curry paste of course. I came home from work, the dinner was already in the making. So I went in to the kitchen to snoop, to my horror, he told me the curry chicken is in the oven! I’ve never seen / heard you can bake curry chicken, maybe you do but I’ve never done it. So I had him explain to me step by step what and how he did it. You know, I don’t want him killing us both. This guy rarely cooks let alone curry! Way out of his comfort zone considering he doesn’t like spicy food. So my usual control freak emerged and explained to him I’ve never baked curry chicken before and that’s not the way to do it. He explained to me step by step. So the key point to his curry making is he did stir fry the paste first, then add the chicken drumstick. After adding a dozen of chicken drumstick (yes a dozen!), he realized that the wok he was using barely fits all the meat and the potatoes he had in there. It was hard for him to stir fry it so he transferred all the “stuff” to a big pyrex baking ware and let them continue cooking in the oven. Still a little hesitant to trust his technique, he suggested to take half of it out to cook in a wok to compare. It turned out, the baking curry chicken wasn’t bad at all. The gravy was actually a lot thicker than the batch in the wok. I ate a lot, not because it was super delicious but because I love to eat rice and I love curry. Hehe….don’t tell him that, or he’ll never try to make anything again. I have to give him credit for making my kind of food for me instead of his usual steak and mashed potatoes dinner though.

Yes, that’s our Valentine’s day.

Our little sweet Valentine….

IMG_0013 (10)IMG_0014 (11)IMG_0023 (8)IMG_0026 (6)IMG_0029 (6)IMG_0030 (6)IMG_0039 (6)IMG_0048 (8)

Wait, no, our night didn’t just end like that. After Gaven went down for nap, I dragged John to the kitchen to help me bake peanut cookies “fa sang peng”! One of my favorite cookies!

IMG_0050 (7)IMG_0049 (7)IMG_0051 (7)IMG_0052 (7)

Okay, now you can feel sorry for my super down low Valentine’s day.