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Monday, September 26, 2011

Gaven & Kitchen

Gaven is very determined to get these doors open. He tries to open it everyday. Maybe one of these days, he’ll realize that it’s locked. Open-mouthed smile

Disregard the messiness on the countertop. LOL… we can never get that area organized. Smile with tongue out

Sunday, September 25, 2011

8 Month Update

Gaven turned 8 months old last Sunday. Here’s Gaven’s update at month 7th:

1) Gaven knows his name. he will respond when u call his name.

2) We brought Gaven to his first camping trip in Carpinteria. He did really well. Slept through all the noises from our neighbors camp and even trains passing by!


3) Encountered sand for the first time. A little freaked out by it at first, but slowly got used to it.IMG_0278IMG_0284

4) Weaned off his pacifier the first week he started daycare. We gave it to him again during his camping trip when he fussed in the morning so he doesn’t wake other campers there, but normally he doesn’t need his pacifier.


5) Still sleeps like a champ. Normal sleeping schedule at night, 7:30 – 6:30-ish am.


6) Day schedule is all off since he started day care. He doesn’t nap as much during the day perhaps due to the interruptions of other kids at daycare. He naps longer with us on the weekends.

7) He is generally a happy baby. Loves to smile and laugh a lot.


8) Crawling faster and faster!


9) Climbs on everything. He can easily pull himself up from anything he can grab hold of.


10) He eats solid food 4 times a day! New food that he tried this month were broccoli mixed with carrots, kabocha squash aka japanese squash, and apples, sweet peas, green beans. He is getting more interested in food now. Although sometimes, feeding him is still a hassle, it is definitely getting better.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Camping at Carpintaria

I wanted to go camping so bad. We go camping every year. This year, just because we have a 7 month old shouldn’t stop us from going right? We have friends that go camping with their little ones all the time. So we bit the bullet and just did it.

First of all, we got ourselves a bigger tent now that we are a family of 3. Our old tent only fits a queen size mattress. I found one on sale at Big 5 and with $10 off coupon, I walked away with a 10x10 foot tent for $70. Not bad heh? So I got a tent, but no idea where to camp at. I wanted to go somewhere close by, around 1-2 hours drive, so places like Yosemite, Sequioa, Mammoth and Big Sur were out of the picture. Those are the places we have camped before and really liked. So I started asking friends and found a few choices that were close by. The reason I wanted to camp somewhere close is because if something were to go terribly wrong, we can just pack up and leave. You know, if a baby cries non stop or the weather gets too cold, we can just go home. Thinking smile

So of course, with a last minute decision, no good campsites are available. All the good ones are usually booked in advance, some even go as far as 12 months in advance! Gulp…!Disappointed smileI heard a lot of good things about Carpinteria State Beach, plus the 1.5 hours drive sounds good to us. There is a store and a small town nearby the campground, which will be very convenient for us. But of course, it was all booked up on the weekends. Not 1 weekend is open until the end of Oct, when the weather starts to become cold, when the summer is officially over. I signed up for a notifications alert, where if something opens up due to cancellation, I’ll be notified. So last Monday, I got notified for an open campsite for that weekend, I snatched it up right away. We were so excited for Gaven’s first camping trip and very nervous at the same time. I kept joking that we can drive home to take showers and wash bottles, and then drive back out there. As the day approached closer, the weather started to turn colder. Everyone at work thought we were crazy for bringing a baby to camp at the beach. Beach is usually 10 degrees cooler than the valley. Since the campsite had already been reserved and paid for, we went anyway. Worse case scenario, we’ll just come home after 1 night.

So Friday after work, off we go! I am so glad we went, the weather wasn’t as cold as we thought it was. We have camped at much colder temperatures than that. The beach was overcast on Sat morning, but it cleared up after noon. Turned out all the things we were worried about, were nothing to be worried about. Gaven slept well and there was no problem with washing bottles. Smile We brought gallons of water with us. John boiled the water and washed all his bottles in boiling water. When comes to bath, we didn’t give him one. We wipe him down with wet wipes.

We got there really late on Friday. After we set up the tent, and about to make a bottle for Gaven, We realized that we forgot to bring his formula! We left the bag at home. It was the bag that contains his formula and his toys. After blaming each other for forgetting the most important bag, we realized that we could buy a new container of formula at the store nearby. John went and got it and problem solved. Smile


In the middle of the night, there were trains that go by and it was LOUD. I was so afraid it will wake Gaven up and he’s going to start crying. To my surprise, he slept through it! PIG! …. but good for us.

The next morning, after our breakfast, we took a stroll along the beach. It was overcast. Since our campsite is so close to town, we decided to walk around the town, checking out the area. Stop by a little café for brunch. Red velvet pancakes sounds really yummy!


We also stopped by a little children’s book store. We were told they are having story telling at 11 am, and it was only another 10 more min. We decided to stick around. They have a Thomas the train set. So we let Gaven play with it while waiting. This is when he went crazy with the trains rolling down the track.SmileHe had so much fun here. They cancelled the story telling session due to poor turn out. I bought a little dinosaur book for Gaven and we left to Santa Barbara.


We hung out at the Santa Barbara pier for some seafood. I wanted to eat at the Santa Barbara Seafood Company, but there was a long wait. So we opted for something else.



We headed back to our camp in the evening and hung out at the beach.It was Gaven’s first experience with the sand. He didn’t seem too fond of it.



We packed and left bright and early the next morning. I’m glad we survived our first camping trip with Gaven.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Fight

Remember I said Gaven got tackled at our company picnic by Dylan…? If not, read here. So here’s how it all went down. My co worker who is in charge of taking photos of the event, happened to catch everything on his camera.


The following pictures - you can totally add your own captions …. Smile


Gaven was just minding his own business until disaster happened! Haha…. he didn’t cry actually. He cried a little when he grabbed his face, which was not captured in pictures. The whole thing was pretty funny actually…. we actually joked that maybe next time Gaven will kick Dylan’s ass…. lol.