When life gives you lemons ask for salt and tequila!

Friday, January 30, 2009

i noticed that...

as I get older I get more emotional. It's true! Every little sad thing makes me cry...

The strangest thing happened to me just now. I was watching American Idol that i TIVO-ed few nights ago... my eyes started to well up as i saw one contestant that got accepted to go to Hollywood. As he was tearing up with the joy of his success, i teared up too! We have no connection or what so ever. i swear. The weirdest thing happens to you when your old age slowly creeps up on you. Next thing i know i am tearing up over sad songs. -_-

I hate growing up! no... wait.... i should say "i hate growing old!"

Monday, January 26, 2009

happy chinese new year to everyone.....

from the mallards. :) 

It's been so long that i don't know how to celebrate my chinese new year. I guess this year, i am supposed to be giving away "lai si" but no one really celebrates chinese new year here... well, at least not the people around me. I guess i could if i really wanted to... i don't know... weird. 

Each year my mom kept my ang pow money for me. So when i go back, i get the extra ringgit to spend. ;) No more this year. Hopefully next year, i will be back to celebrate chinese new year... and will be giving away "lai si" for the 1st time as a married woman! 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

make me FIT!!!

Last night we finally got our hands on the ever popular game... the Wii FIT!!!! We were so excited when we finally got home from Wal Mart last night after months of anticipation. It has been sold out for months! Anyway, our movie night turned into ... of course.. FIT night.

The game is so cool. We should have gotten it long time ago when it came out, when everyone was raving about it. Oh well... we have it now! I am sure it will be tossed aside just like our MarioKart and Guitar Hero after we get tired of playing it. ;p

So, first step you choose your own little Mii. Key in your height & birthdate. Then using the balance board, it calculates your Body Mass Index. Thankfully, all 3 of us (& Dustin!) are in the normal and healthy BMI range. Then you do a series of balance tests to determine your Wii Fit Age. I cannot believe my eyes when my Wii Fit age was revealed! A freaking 33! Yep I am 33 in Wii Fit Age!!! I am 5 years older than my real age! tsk .... tsk.... tsk....... shame on me! Apparently those 3 nights a week at the gym and 2 hikings I have done so far.... were not good enough. John's Wii Fit age 30, which is very close to his real age & Dustin... 28! His "fit" age is younger than his real age! bastard...!

Ok... after the embarrassing revealed, you set your goal as to how much weight you want to lose or gain. We both set our goals with a certain amount of weight we want to lose in a month with the help of a virtual personal trainer! Of course the boys picked the chick, & I picked the big buff male trainer! The cool thing is, it logs your training time after each routine. There are many little games and exercises to choose from.

John was having such hard time keeping the tree yoga position for even 2 seconds!
then dustin tried the push up exercises...
walking on the tightrope ...
ski jumps!
... "take off failed"... this was too funny.... his little Mii tumbled down the hill... became a huge snowball!

We are a bunch of lazy ass ppl who hope that this lame video game will motivate us into working out. The funny expression & cute responses are what makes it interesting!

We are in the midst of moving (yes, again!! .... hence the odd hole patches on the wall which used to be shelves) and will be spending the next couple weeks packing & cleaning.

Hopefully we will "exercise" more often after we move into our new place!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the wedding story - part VII (ceremony continued)

part I- the details
part II- girls getting ready
part III- guys getting ready
part IV- the bride
part V- tea ceremony
part VI- moments before the ceremony
part VII- ceremony

Sigh... yes finally... the continuation of the wedding story. Here are more wonderful pictures taken by Sir & his wife Rosie during the ceremony. Couldn't thank them enough for capturing our day so beautifully.

the giving away moment...
very happy.... marrying the best woman in the world ;P
she had tears in her eyes....
i love these pictures!!!
love steve's expression here.... i think his eyes actually called him out! he does believe in love! ;) come'on girls... he is still single!

we had personalized vows that Kimberly helped us write... i'll share that with you later. it was a beautiful ceremony. I had people came up to me to tell me it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies they have ever attended. Kimberly, who is known as Kim did a great job!
we sealed our vows with a kiss!!!
yay!! we are married...
me saying "i can't believe we did it!"
After the ceremony, we came back for more pictures at the gazebo. that's our superb officiant and us

All pictures credit: sir harrison photography

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hiking in January??!!

It's possible if you live in LA!!! Ok, so I finally found ONE of the advantages of living in sunny cali. Alright alright, I shouldn't give LA such hard time. Really, it's not bad living in sunny cali. There is the beach, there are the mountains, the nightscene.... everything is within hours reach. But..... it just doesn't snow OUTSIDE your house like Michigan... or New York! Here I go again. Complain is in my middle name! :p Last week I got the idea of going hiking after getting an email from our VP at work about a group hike he organized for everyone at work. It was set for every Friday at 3:30pm. I didn't join them last Friday because I have my facial appt with Connie. Also, I wasn't sure what my capability is and wouldn't want to fall behind the pack. Although I was assured many times that there are shorter trails and there are people who have never hiked before, I didn't want to take the chance. So I grabbed my own alliances to go hiking with me on Saturday. Janet & Jimmy of course. John got away easy because ... what else? He has to work. And well, I guess his knee is still sensitive from all the walking in San Francisco! Yes, I know.... lame excuse. I'll be sure to drag him with me next time. Plus, he is in dire need of a workout like that. Right babe? >.<>
i was ahead of them until 1.5 miles into it... i fell behind. one can only have that much energy, ok?! :P
jimmy drove janet crazy by standing at the edge of the hill.... :) "come back come back!! don't go too far!!!"
okok... a serious one.
This was so much fun and we made a deal to do this every weekend. Hopefully we keep our word. I will probably join work's group hike this Friday! We'll see.... :P

Friday, January 9, 2009

what a way to start off the year....

It's the middle of January now, I still owe my blog my NYE celebration in Laughlin. Well... anyway, here it is. We went to Laughlin to welcome the year of 2009. This was kind of a last minute decision. We thought we would be going to Steve's casa if we were in town. On NYE, John's friends called and asked if we should go out of town instead of doing the same thing every year. (We were at Steve's too last year). It was easy arranging this trip because Shane's generous parents allowed us to stay at their house. We left pretty late and didn't arrive until 9pm. After a nice dinner at the Joe's Crab Shack, we hung out at the casino.

jenn & tim... looking so cute ready for some gambling
lots of people... but not as bad as we thought it would be at 12 am sharp, the balloons were released and everyone was trying so desperately to pop them our new year's toast, minus Dustin the boring one, who doesn't drink nor smoke but, hey it worked out for us! he of course was assigned the most important task- to drive us home! :D happy new year from me & john! I don't really fancy gambling, i sat at one of the penny slots while waiting. pretty darn proud when my one dollar turned into....
The next day, we woke up to Tim & Dustin trying to fix the water pipe. Can you smell disaster? Because i can....
checking out to see if they know what they were doing
Sure enough.....
the pipe broke under tim's handling we made him take a picture with it because it will definitely be one memorable new year for all of us. Poor tim, he was so depressed the whole time until it finally got fixed. At this point, shane finally had woken up. On the phone reporting the incident to his dad. Gary was so cool about the whole thing and told him to just update him with the progress. After several calls for help, he finally found someone who was willing to come out on new year's day. help is finally here after about 25 min of waiting and water shooting out like crazy. stood and watched helplessly at our hero of the day He finally was able to get everything fixed in about an hour. He replaced the pipe like nothing had happened before...... this guy was so nice. He didn't charge us any money, and even refused to take the tip that Tim offered him.
We finally have water to shower, brush our teeth and flush the toilet (thank god!) at 4 something in the evening. Yep, and that's how we start off our new year. A chaotic day without water. It will definitely be one of our most memorable new years.