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Friday, October 31, 2008

pumpkin carving fun

Last weekend, we went to Lombardi Ranch with Janet & Jimmy. Bought lots of corn, peppers and a pumpkin. We waited till wed night to carve it so it will stay fresh on Halloween day since it doesn't last that long. It was fun. I think this is my first ever real pumpkin that i carved. :) I carved one before when i was in MI, but i don't think i really carved it except to look and took credit for the end result. And then i think i carved a really small one few years ago when i was living at jimmy's house. that's about it.... this is my real big pumpkin. yes... MINE... and john.

ppl said you lose your identity after you got married. everything is "we", "us" or "ours". so that's OUR big pumpkin on a poly paper bag. we couldn't find any newspaper around... come'on... who still reads the paper when you can get the latest and fastest news frm the internet right?
and then you cut the top off....

and pull the guts out.... ewww....

i got this pumpkin carving kit from target, complete with templates and carving utensils
it seems easy so i picked this little witch
carefully make dotted lines on the pumpkin. haha i looked like ah ma...it looked like this after all the dotted lines were done. we couldn't find tape, so we use one of those stupid black tape for electrical wiringjohn then carefully colored the part where we were supposed to cut out

then i screamed to get my hands on it
man... this picture really looked like ah ma.... blind ah ma...
john then rinsed off the black marker
my finished pumpkinwith a little led light for a clearer look
we turned off the lights to see how it looks likeand then we put it outside our front door step.... so pretty! actually so evil...
john posing with the pumpkin
lonely pumpkin... maybe we need another one? :)

I told my co-worker about my pumpkin and they said of course it's fun for me. John did the dirty work- taking the guts out... haha... we will carve one again next year.... till then.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daylight Saving Time ends

So I got an email reminder yesterday from our HR about daylight Saving Time ending this Sunday and don't forget to adjust the clock back by an hour on sat night. It is strange that they would send out an email reminder like this to everyone at work. Maybe they are afraid that employees will show up an hour late on Monday and use the excuse against them :)
Anyway, I am glad they did what they did because I had forgotten that it is this Sunday. I am happy because we actually gain an extra hour. Well... no. It depends on how you look at it. I think we gain but some people said it's the same. On the other hand, I am also dreading those cold winter days where there will be no more sunlight after 5pm. It suddenly occured to me summer is over and winter is slowly creeping in. No more beach, no more sundress, no more camping. :) I guess I should be thankful that winter in LA is not as crazy as winter on the other side of the states where snowstorms are the constant headline on the news.
As much as I am dreading those cold winter days, it still didn't diminish my idea of moving to the east coast one day. Where winter will be a white winter, spring will be a colorful spring, summer will be an orange summer and fall will be a red fall. LoL I don't know if those descriptions exist but those are the colors it reminds me of. =) You get the idea. Maybe I forgot how crazy those days were (I was in MI and NY for awhile). Trying to drive in the snow, plowing the snow off your car in the morning, dress like a penguin each time you step outdoors and having to undress it all when you step indoors. It is a pain.
Well like an old saying, grass is always greener on the other side. Life is funny like that.
beautiful sunset at the newport beach by sir harrison

Sunday, October 26, 2008

i am being generous.....

A few weeks ago i had this smartest excuse to go Boccacio's for dinner. I told John i am taking him out for our 3 months wedding anniversary. It's not even our 3 months anniversary. It was like Oct 10th but you can make anything up for a nice dinner. Boccacio's  was where we had our rehearsal dinner. I have wanted to go back there for dinner because my bridal party had told me they had very good food. If you remember my story on my wedding rehearsal.... i didn't enjoy my own rehearsal dinner because i was too nervous... for what , i don't know. After all i am surrounded by my family and close friends. So i wanted to go there again and really enjoy their food.

Dinner was really good... we were surprised at how quiet the restaurant was. There were probably only 3 parties including us. We were early so we took a walk around the lake.
the white duck look funny with the puffy head
this mallard has very beautiful colors...
i saw a similar picture in june's facebook.... see... great minds think alike!

the view from our seats.... the sun is beginning to set

i was on the phone with net... it was a funny incident. i was looking at the time and checking my phone to see if i missed any calls, and john asked why was i looking at my phone. i told him because it was around this time, janet would call me. just as i finished my sentence, janet called. :) and i was telling janet the story. janet and jimmy were going out for dinner too the same night. it was their dating anniversary. they were going to a very nice japanese restaurant at hollywood.
my filet mignon
john ordered fish with lemon burblanc
i didn't quite like how this picture turned out
so the server took another one :))))

and a very kind passerby helped to take this picture before we bid farewell.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the wedding story- part V (tea ceremony)

part I- the details
part II- girls getting ready
part III- guys getting ready
part IV- the bride

It is time to continue the wedding story. In this episode: tea ceremony.
I am so glad sir got these pictures of John when he first saw me ... not quite in my white wedding dress yet. he looked extremely happy... maybe he still has no idea what he got himself into. :)

Then i helped him into his Chinese costume. Again, sir got this special moment of us. I was really nervous because the room was quickly filled with an audience.
Then, it was time to hand the rings to Shane, the bestman. I love these pictures here that shows his facial expressions.

i forgot what i said here.... he looked really scared... maybe he was just realizing his role as bestman... he was nervous too.
aww... a sweet hug from mom