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Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunny Cali

so my family is here... for a couple days before they headed off to the east coast. here's some cool pics we took when we went sightseeing around sunny Cali.
mom and dad at Santa Monica pier
me at Santa Monica beach
mom and dad at the grove
and then me...
The day ended with us back to valencia having dinner at a chinese restaurant called The Moon. Food was okay... the only chinese restaurant in the Santa Clarita valley I could think of that my parents will like. One last picture... us... on father's day. Ever since I came to the states in 2001, i have never been able to celebrate any ocassion with my family. Mother's day, father's day, mom''s birthday, dad's birthday... This is the 1st time in 7 years, I get to celebrate Father's day with the whole family... minus one ;-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

duck is in my name?

The Wedding is this weekend and I am all excited. Tomorrow will be my last day of work and I'll have one week off. Yes, pretty sad.... just one week. I don't know if I am excited about the wedding or the week off. I just started with this company and yesterday was officially my 3 months working there. I must say, I am pretty happy working there. Aside from the pay, there is really nothing I can complain about. :) Well, at least it's all good for now. Don't want to say too much, don't want to jinx it.

So with the wedding date drawing near, everybody at work started talking about it. Everywhere I went, people started asking "So you're getting married soon huh? Excited? Everything is pretty much done? Where are you going for your honeymoon?" It's funny how even people I have not talked to before, people that we sometimes run into each other walking around the facility, people that you usually will just throw a smile or those insincere "how are you doing" questions, came up to me and start asking questions about the wedding. I even have Yolanda (my neighbor- sitting next to my cubicle) counting down the days for me every few hours, she reminds me how close the wedding is. Ok, Yolanda is the loudest lady in the office. So yes, by now everyone knows that I am getting married. Weird, one of the many questions that I got, one of it is "What is your new last name going to be?". My direct supervisor is all ready to inform the IT to change my email address, inform Purchasing to order my new business cards, inform HR to change my paperwork to my new name. Ok, so I know it's a common practice that once you got married you take your husbands last name. You go to Social Security office and change all your legal documents to your new last name. You get new driver's license, you get new passport. Well in Malaysia, it doesn't work that way. You will be known as Mrs. so and so but legally, you still carry your dad's last name. Your legal paperwork is still your own last name. I am not saying I am not willing to take John's last name, in fact I am kind of looking forward to it. It makes you feel belong, like you are now his. I don't know how to describe this... it's just a feeling. Anyway, we have both decided that I will not be changing my name until all the legal paperwork are put through. Didn't want to cause any confusion or any delays to my immigration paperwork. On the other hand, I'm kind of sad that I will be losing my name but I am going to try to keep my chinese name in there somewhere with the duck. ;) It is so weird. I'll get to pick my own name!

I was talking to an old friend of mine that we used to work together, she told me that never in her life would she think that I will marry an American guy. I am not surprised or in any way offended, because frankly I still couldn't believe it. Anyone who knows me before I met John will really have a hard time believing that I am marrying an American. I just haven't had anybody tell me that yet until last night, when I was talking to her. However, I don't see myself marrying an American, I see myself marrying John. He is that individual that fits my puzzle that just so happens to be an American. :P

Sorry stevo, I know I am killing you with this post. :) You'll know what I mean. Someday....

Enough about that, here's a picture for your eye candy:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I am officially a 2 dress bride!!!

Yes, you read it right. I have 2 dresses to wear on my wedding day. What I like most is they are 2 totally different style dresses. As you may recall, I was having an on and off relationship with my 1st dress. It was love at first sight. I pursued her right away without second thoughts. Suddenly, when I got her in my hands, my buyer’s remorse disease hit me. I second guessed my decision, I have doubts about her. As crazy as it may seem, I was actually thinking of breaking up with her to find new love. One lucky day, I put her on, I fall in love with her again … but I am not head over heels in love as I used to. I doubt my choice. Is she really the One for me? I mean she is pretty, don’t get me wrong ( I don’t want to hurt her feelings here). But together, are we compatible? She was everything I’ve dreamt of as a little girl. I remembered vaguely a Chinese movie that I saw, I don’t remember the name of the movie, but it was about a group of people who took a trip somewhere. Their plane crashes, they all survived and were living in an isolated island. There was a part where all these girls found a treasure chest and in there are all these beautiful big dresses. They all looked like princesses in the dresses, like a fairytale. I so wanted to have a chance to wear those dresses one day.

So when came the day John proposed, and I said “Yes”, the wedding planning begins, I was most excited about the ‘dress’. I wanted a dress like Cinderella in the fairytale. I was so determined I wanted a big poofy dress. After all, when do you get a chance to wear these right? Now at the age close to 28, I am not sure if I still want that kind of dress. I saw pictures of brides that have simple style dress on, and they still look like a princess. Yes, I am now on a totally opposite taste of wedding dress. I am looking for straight down dress or even a trumpet style. When I saw pictures of Jenna Bush wedding, I got even more depressed and determined that I want a simple dress. She looked so beautiful in her wedding dress.

Last weekend, I got crazy and start shopping for another wedding dress. I found Alberta from Watters but her hefty price tag forced me to seek another solution. After a disappointed dress buying attempt, I went to Topanga Canyon Mall for help. I was circling the parking garage for more than ½ hour before I could find a parking spot. Angry and frustrated I almost gave up to go home. I am glad I didn’t . I finally parked and walked into Macy’s. I couldn’t believe my luck! I found her in 10 min. Tried her on, too big. Got her anyway. The dress is on clearance. The price is too good to be true. At this point, I don’t care whether the dress fits or not it can always be altered anyway. I am very excited.
I took it for alterations last week and should be getting it back end of next week. She has to take the dress in alot since it's a size 6 dress. The length is perfect, so no work needed there. I also decided to remove the black sash completely off. I don't know if I want it or not but I can always put it back on if I decided to keep the sash. The alterations cost more than the dress! I knew it would because the price on the dress is a steal. Overall with alterations that dress is still way well under what I have expected. So I am one happy girl. :)

Actually as I was driving home from Macys with the dress hanging at the back seat of my car, it suddenly occurred to me that the dress looked really familiar. I then realized that I have met her before. June (my wedding buddy) introduced me to her. She bought her when she was looking for second dress to wear but returned it when she found another gorgeous dress. She sent me pictures of that dress and why didn't I think about it when I decided to look for another dress? It would have saved me all the worries and stress that I've been through. :)

so here's the dress, picture taken courtesy from June's little Samsung Black Jack. So it's a simple dress. The picture doesn't do justice. The dress is actually a lot prettier in person. The bottom part flares out, I love that part of the dress. I removed the sash, not the color that bothers me, it's the width of the sash. I think it's too wide. Hopefully with the alterations, it would look something like this:

wishful thinking, I know :P These pictures are actually from her. She posted the dress for sale, I was really interested but the price tag is still a lot more than what I wanted to spend even though it's a used dress. After all it's the ever famous Melissa Sweet's design. I love everything about this dress and she looked gorgeous in it, doesn't she? I hope she doesn't mind me posting this, hehe.